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Yeah, me too… 2023 has been a year of growing, learning, questioning, experimenting, celebrating, and, yes, sometimes, wallowing in frustration and doubt. (Yeah, I’m working on that last one…)

Entrepreneurship ain’t for the faint of heart, right?

While there are times, we need to hustle to meet deadlines and get all that we want and need to get done. You want that to be the exception, not the rule.

I’m right there with you. 


Over the past year, year and a half, I’ve been working on what I call Reflect & Review Routines to help me in my business. These routines have helped me look at the pace I’m running in my business from a new perspective.

As I’ve introduced them to my mastermind members and we’ve incorporated them into the schedule over the past year.

These routines have helped me so much in 2023.
I’ve seen how they help the women I coach with, and now I want to share them with you.

Step #1: Weekly Examen Using my A.D.M.A.R. Steps (Alive, Draining, Moments, Aware, Release). These 5 steps only take a few minutes, and will help you intentionally slow down, pause, take a deep breath, and review your week.

Step #2: Conduct a weekly business review. It’s a time to capture pending items from the previous week and prepare for the week to come.

From personal experience, I know what a difference it makes to include this routine in my weekend schedule. I also can tell the weeks when I don’t. Those weeks are scattered and reactive, so I try to never skip this step.

(*Examen means critical study and is often associated with Ignatian Spiritual traditions of prayerful reflection and noticing of God’s presence during our day.}

I resisted this one for a long time. And so have many who have taken part in this quarterly workshop over the past year.

The insights gained from setting aside time for this review are INVALUABLE.

This is THE routine that gives you the information you need to spot trends, ideas, opportunities, and more. Gather all that info at the end of the year and you have the information you need to make smarter, more informed decisions for the new year.

Intentional. Purposeful. Proactive.

These are a few words I hear women, just like you, using to describe the type of business they want to have.

Without having regularly scheduled times set aside to reflect on your business and review how it’s doing, you’ll find it hard to be intentional, purposeful, and proactive.

Instead, we are guessing, scattered, and reactive.

If you are anything like me, I’m doubling down on anything I know is working in the coming year, and these two Reflect & Review Routines are at the heart of my business plan in 2024.

I’m excited to show you how they can help you create a gentler and sustainable business in the coming weeks and months.

PLUS! I have a special guest who LOVES to talk about business stats. She’ll be sharing tips and ideas on what we should (or should at least consider} track in our businesses and why.

Here are the important workshop details:

Date: Friday, January 5, 2024
Time: 11am – 1pm PST

Format: This will be an interactive and hands-on workshop with teaching, working on a couple of steps in the Reflect & Review routine, as well as a time for Q&A.

(*** As a fellow introvert I get how scary this can sound, but I promise, it’s not scary and you won’t be forced, cajoled, or made to feel bad if you don’t chime in every other word ;)! I pinky swear.***)

Only $37

What’s included? 

  • 2 Workbooks – Routine #1: Weekly Examen and Business Review and Routine #2: The Quarterly Business Review
  • Teaching about these routines and ideas on how to customize them to fit your life and business.
  • Hands-on sessions for you to go through a step from each Reflect & Review Routine.
  • Special guest presenter to share with you what to consider in your review sessions and what are some key stats to track in your business.
  • Q&A Session to ask questions, reflect on what you’ve learned, and find out how to tailor these routines to fit you.

Ready for a reflective and more intentional year in your business?

Cool, I’d love to have you join us!