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You know you need a website so you can build your mailing list and promote your products and services.

There are questions you should answer before you even get to the design stage of a website. But, do you even know the right questions to ask?

The WordPress Website Discovery Guide walks you through seven steps of the right questions. Each step is designed to help you:

  • Get to the heart of your business.
  • Understand how your website needs to support your business and marketing goals.
  • Keep your target market in mind, BUT still, let your personality and brand shine through.
  • Research your competitors and industry leaders to see how they speak to their audiences, and find out how you can apply the same principles.

The analogy is clear – whether planning a hike or a website, careful preparation can save you a lot of time and frustration.This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to have a website or even if you already do – in reading this, I have already taken a look at my own website and how to effect more changes. In this easy to read guide, Goertzen lays out the fundamentals of website planning. The questions and topics covered are useful whether your project is DIY or if you are going to use a designer. Answer these questions before you start, and the journey will be much smoother for all parties involved.

Clearly, the author has had a lot of experience in dealing with clients with varying degrees of knowledge about WordPress in particular and websites in general. In spite of this, this is not a “dumbing down” of the process but a thoughtful trail guide to charting this adventure, regardless of fitness level.

~E.N. Lumpkin

This website guidebook walks you through each step with questions to thoughtfully consider, resources you need right now to get started, and recommendations on what can wait or be added later.

It also helps you decide whether you can, on your own, create the website you need, or if you will need to hire expert help.

The book also includes a link to download The WordPress Website Discovery Workbook to help you keep track of your business and marketing goals, and how your website fits into those goals.

I wish the other WordPress web books I bought were half as good as yours. It’s quite informal and full of insight into areas I hadn’t even considered.

~ R. Drinkwine

Cover graphic of the book WordPress Website Discovery Guide

Get started today, and enjoy the benefits of a website that is right for you and your business!