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Well done

This isn’t a story its the last few paragraphs of the Obituary that I wrote for Aimee. In all of our duress this version never made the service … its just an outsiders view of what I saw in my friend…

Ian Ernest Olson was born, February 28, 2006. It wasn’t the easiest pregnancy but the birth of that little guy made all of the bed rest more than worth it. As you can well imagine Ian is Aimee’s crowning achievement, she adored him with all her heart and she always referred to him as her buddy and little sweetie. They had special snuggle time every morning and Ian called her his snuggle bug. Aimee’s parenting style was tender yet firm. She always followed through with what she said she was going to do, whether was doling out consequences or stopping whatever she was doing to make time to play.

Aimee truly loved the Lord and trusted in Him and His plans for her life. One plan she was most grateful for was His plan that she should become Ryan’s wife. Their love for each other was an amazing thing to behold. They teased each other to no end but they also respected and protected each other to the same degree. Aimee trusted Ryan with all that she had as he did her. Those few who had the opportunity to spend significant time with them witnessed a love that can only be described as coming straight from heaven.

Aimee lived, loved and died with great grace and dignity. Without a doubt God’s 1st words to her when she entered the gates of Heaven were, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

by: Tiffany Olson of Olson2, friend

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