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Do You Have a Website Maintenance Plan?

Your website is a business asset. Are you treating it like one?

Thanks for hanging out with me while we look at what types of maintenance plans solo entrepreneurs need. 

Full disclosure and confession time. 

I don’t always treat mine like the asset it is and deserves to be. [insert audible gasp]

Do you know the story of the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes? Well, often the website developer has a website that needs some work. 

There are pages I forget to update with new info.
I discover broken links in blog posts after sharing the post.
Neglected signup forms that stop working because I forget about them. 

Ugh. So I get it. It’s one more thing to add to your to-do list, right? 

But, it is important. It needs to be a regular appointment for you (and me), or maybe it’s time to hire a virtual assistant.

Your website is the online front desk, customer service rep, and marketing team. What message is your site telling visitors? 

Keeping the content on your website updated, and in working order, is important.

What about the security and maintenance of your website? 

This kind of maintenance is even more important. 

I’ve been working with WordPress websites for over 16 years now. 

  • I’ve restored countless hacked and malware-infected websites.
  • I’ve had to help clients restore ownership of their domains, hosting, and websites.
  • I’ve watched business owners come close to losing their business because they gave access and control of their website, domain, or hosting to someone else. 

In most cases, with a website maintenance plan in place, these real-life situations could have been a lot less stressful or avoided altogether.

How many of the following statements can you say yes to? 

  • I know where I host my domain, website, and email.
  • I know how to access the hosting services of my domain, website, and email and can log in when needed.
  • I have a backup system in place for my website that is automatically performed or set as a regularly scheduled reminder on my calendar. (This also applies to Non-WordPress sites)
  • Using WordPress? I regularly keep up with the WordPress site software, theme, and plugin updates when they are available.

Do not ignore any of these core elements to the security of your website.

Could you say yes to any of these four statements? Excellent! Not everyone can. 

Your next goal should be to get to work and be able to say yes to all four. 

So, after reading this, do you treat your website like the asset it is?
If not, what needs to change?

Overwhelmed by them? Don’t be. I can help!

  • Website Coaching & Audits are available here
  • WordPress website Monthly Care Plans are available here.

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