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The Be Still & Know That I Am God Series

The Original Picture Book

The book is a collection of 31 photos of nature paired with a scripture verse or passage. It has been laid out as a 31 day journey focusing on the gift of God’s creation with reminders of His love, comfort, and promises.

Be Still & Know That I Am God Picture Book
The book is a horizontal 8.5″ X 6″ with full color images.

Beautiful photos… from dew-speckled flowers to rugged lighthouses, they illuminate the carefully chosen Scriptures. A great tool to focus the mind and spirit.

~Angela Kargel (Amazon Reviewer)

Be Still & Know That I Am God Books

The Original Devotional Journal

The journal is brand new and has been created to be a companion to the picture book.

Be Still & Know That I Am God Devotional Journal

To accompany each day, the journal has a 2-page spread and includes:

  • Daily verse
  • A section to write, doodle or hand-letter the word or phrase that speaks to you
  • A place to write out a prayer for the day
  • Space to make note of how you can apply the verse to your life
  • A full-page to write out your thoughts, notes and reflections

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