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women in business

community and clarity are key to your business

I’ve called my 16 years in business an intense Personal Development Program. It has grown me and stretched me and forced me out of my comfort zone more than anything else I’ve done. It’s also made me completely and utterly unemployable. I’d like to share how having community support and finding clarity have been keys

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Is your bright shiny object worth your time?

Have you heard of a Bright Shiny Object? A bright shiny object, or BSO, is, “An item that attracts a great deal of attention because of its superficial characteristics.” [source] In the entrepreneurial world where I live, it’s often referred to as a distraction. It’s a source of distraction that I have to deal with

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Sometimes in life and business you have to pivot - new blog post from

Have you ever had a season where it feels like you need to make one pivot after another until you feel all twisted around?  Yep, me too.  My current change of plans is taking care of Mr. Oliver, who just can’t do morning walks anymore, at least not the mid to longer walks we are

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