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women in business

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 5 - Ready to Find Clarity In Your Business? Start These 2 Habits Today

Are you ready to start finding clarity in your business? Welcome to The Selah Entrepreneur! Here in Episode 5, we’re talking about finding clarity in your business. In the latest episode of The Selah Entrepreneur, host Marta Goertzen discusses two essential steps to finding clarity in your business. Here are the key takeaways: As entrepreneurs, […]

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Who do you think you are in your online business?

This very question has come for me this week from a couple different sources. A couple weeks ago I signed up for two different courses that looked interesting. I didn’t pay enough attention at sign up and realized later that they were the same week, same days, and a lot of the sessions overlapped. Thank

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3 Ways We grow up in life and business

In a lot of recent conversations, we’ve been talking about the need to grow up in our businesses. For many solo entrepreneurs, we get stuck in our old, and safe feeling, worker bee mode. It’s hard to move out of that way of thinking and make the changes we need to be intentional and strategic

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clarity conversations with Marta Goertzen

My Guest: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Conversation Transcript Marta: Hello, and welcome to a, just a short interview with my friend Shelby. I’m Marta Goertzen. I am the owner and operator over at Selah Studios, where I coach women entrepreneurs, specifically coaches and consultants to find clarity in their business. And today we’re talking about

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