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business coaching for female entrepreneurs

What do Rock Hunting, Silence, and Mental Health Have in Common? Recently I had the opportunity to take a day to get out of my office and take some time to clear my head. This time I chose… Rock Hunting: I scheduled a vacation day this week so the nicer weather came at the perfect […]

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Welcome to Part 2, “Planning Intentional Rest,” in our series, “Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur.” Do any of these sound familiar to you? If any of these resonate, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs have these traits, including me. Like you, I enjoy my work. However, there comes a time when we all need to

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This is the start of a new series, “3 Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur”. In this series we will be talking about: But first, a couple of thoughts before we dive in.  First, these habits are not only for entrepreneurs. These are habits that can easily be applied to our personal lives too. Second, I

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