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bible verse

Are you overwhelmed with to-do-lists, unfinished projects, fear, or anxiety? Here's a lesson I'm learning: "e Strong and Courageous. And Do the Work".

In recent weeks, I’ve been battling a lot of anxiety. With so much on my plate, there are times I end up feeling paralyzed, wondering what my next step should be. Besides running off to the private island, I keep thinking I should buy. Things like: Getting my new “His Unfailing Love” journal published was […]

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Is it your fight or God's? |

I’m including 2 different images and 3 different translations of this verse. I like them all but each one is stated slightly different and speaks to me differently. Let me know what you think in the comments below. The part of each version that speaks to me is that “The Lord will fight for you”.

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