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Website & Business Coaching for
Women Running Online Businesses

Website & Business Coaching for
Women Running Online Businesses

Here’s How I Can Help

1:1 Business

With all the noise and advice you are bombarded with daily you might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused. First and foremost, you need clarity.

Let’s map your business and help you find the clarity and direction you are looking for.

WordPress Website

Far too often the thought of updating your current site (or creating a new one!) becomes a project that gets put off. It feels too big. overwhelming, and it never feels like the right time to add it to your already busy schedule. It’s time to change that! Together we take the vision, goals, and plans you have for your business and create a website that works for you.

Website Strategy Coaching

Your website plays an important role in running and managing your business. It is an asset of your business and needs to be treated as such.

But it can be an overwhelming project with so many different options, features, tools, and resources. Together we cut through the noise and find the tools, design, and strategy YOU need for your business.

Selah Community & Mastermind
A gentle and restful approach to doing business

The Selah Mastermind is a carefully curated group of heart-centered entrepreneurial women who do business and life together. It’s a private, safe and supportive community where you can ask for help and to give your help in return.

If you are tired of the loneliness, decision fatigue, competing “gurus” giving you conflicting advice, and your Bright Shiny Object Syndrome running rampant, the Selah Mastermind might be what you’ve been looking for.

Take A Break Audio Summit Loto with Tagline

An audio-only summit with a curated list of guest interviews where you can learn creative and unique ways to add restful routines to your daily schedule, the sources of stress, and how to create a simple action plan to manage your stress and anxiety, and great ideas to add simple routines to your day to step back from the hustle and bustle and recharge.

Unsure where to start?
Let’s talk and figure it out

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