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Selah: An Invitation To Pause

Post updated July 29, 2021

Occasionally I get asked where does the name selah reflections come from? 

To be honest… I’m not sure! 

The word selah has always intrigued me, and one day I researched its meaning. As my research continued, the word reflect or reflection often showed up, too. 

The name Selah Reflections stayed at the top of the list as a potential name for this blog and wouldn’t leave. So I shared the name “Selah Reflections” with a few trusted friends and family. The feedback I received was positive and thus the name of the blog was born. 

a lake at sunrise with text, "Selah: An Invitation to Pause"

What Does the Word Selah Mean?

The Century Dictionary defines selah as:

A transliterated Hebrew word, occurring in the Psalms frequently, and in Habakkuk iii.: probably a direction in the musical rendering of the passage. It is explained by most authorities as meaning ‘Pause,’ but occurs also at the end of psalms.

Selah is a small, odd little word that seems to spark some debate. 

According to some experts, the word selah is thought of as a musical note to show a pause in a song while others said it’s more than that. Through the differing opinions of what I read, there were a few common threads:

  • To value or hang the full weight of the matter
  • To pause and calmly think
  • To take note, this is important
  • To give room for quiet reflection
  • An invitation to reflect

For me and this blog, I adopted the idea that Selah is an invitation to pause and reflect.

By adding the word reflections after selah it emphasizes the point of taking that moment to pause.

Selah Reflections Is Your Invitation to Be Still

The older we get, the more we experience the sensation of time flying by and taking the time to be still gets harder and even more important.

I’ve become convinced that finding stillness, finding moments of selah reflections, is not a passive activity. It is a purposeful action we take to seek it.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God encourages us, invites us, to “be still and know that I am God”. , or that Jesus would get away from the crowds for fellowship and prayer. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jesus went to the garden to pray or that He got into a boat to escape the crowds.

It’s in stillness that we are best able to hear His still small voice speaking to us. 

Finding Your Selah Reflections

There are many ways to find time to be still, to pause and calmly think, and it does not always have to be a grand or life-changing moment. More often than not it’s moments found here and there throughout the day when we take a moment to breathe deep.

  • It might mean getting up 30 minutes before the kids are awake, to have a cup of tea (or coffee!), to journal and read your Bible.
  • It might mean taking a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods.
  • It might mean the last few moments before falling asleep to reflect on your day and prepare for tomorrow.
  • It might mean sitting on the porch with your favorite drink as the sun goes down.
  • It might be snuggles with your child as they fall asleep.

It’s in these moments that we can give our recharge our batteries.

When we take the time to pause, slow down, and and be quiet, it’s then we can hear God’s still small voice reaching out to us.

So, I’m inviting you to actively seek your selah reflections moment today.
I’m inviting you to be still, breathe deep and just be.

4 thoughts on “Selah: An Invitation To Pause”

  1. Marta, I have always loved the name of your site. You have offered many things for me to ponder and learn.
    I’m so glad you haven’t run out of ideas; I’m looking forward to more reflections!

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