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Website Recommended Resources

This is a list that could go on and on and on and on… I love new toys, I mean tools.

It is so much fun trying them on for size, playing working with them to see what works and what doesn’t. Will it work for me? Will this be of benefit to my clients? But there are also the essentials list, thing I believe are critical to creating a stable foundation for your online presence. Your website is an investment in your business and deserves to be treated as such.

So, first we are going to start with the basics – the essentials I believe you need, and that I personally use on a daily basis not only in my business but for my clients as well.

**Please Note** That most of the links on this page are affiliate links.
If you click through and purchase I will get a commission. Thanks!
If not, that is okay too, we’re still friends. Just wanted to be clear and upfront about it

Domain Registrar

This is where you buy the URL you are going to use for your website. I use 2 different services to buy my domains:

I have found both of these to be reliable, great places to buy domains with great client dashboards so you have the tools you need to manage your domain names.

Web Hosting

This is a service you will need to host your website files and display them on the internet. You can buy your domain with one service and host your website on another service or you can combine the services and have your domain and hosting under one roof. There is no right or wrong way. But if you already have a domain name here are the services I recommend to host your website:

SiteGround has been my new go-to service provider for WordPress Hosting.  Great prices to get you started, a fast server, and most importantly GREAT customer service. Click here for more information.

WP Engine has won my respect over the last couple of years. WP Engine provides what is called Managed WordPress hosting – they specialize in WordPress website hosting. Their price is slightly higher than other providers but as with all hosting you get what you pay for and they offer more than your basic website hosting service and provide excellent customer service. Click here to find out more.

List Building / Newsletter Service

Convert Kit



MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

WordPress Website Backup & Security

This for me is one of THE essentials. WordPress is an incredible resource but it is also a high-value target. Without proper systems in place your website is vulnerable. The UpdraftPlus plugin starts that system by adding a backup process to your website, the peace of mind is more than worth it. What I also love about this plugin is that it is free to get started with, for more advanced features they offer great support and prices. Click here to read more.

If you don’t want to DIY your website backups and security, check-out our add-on service. We offer this plugin in our Website Care Package where we offer you regular backups of your site along with WordPress, Theme, and Plugin updates.

WordPress Website Themes

I will freely admit I’m biased here. I LOVE the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. I have used them almost exclusively since day 1. I “cut my teeth” on the early Brian Gardner WordPress themes. But beyond my bias – they do have the best community built around Genesis and some of the best tech support out there, even for crazy questions! Through the community built I have new friends and resources on blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Membership Sites, as well as through plugins and services created to support and expand the theme. I have learned so much through this community. Love it!

StudioPress Theme of the Month

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