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Selahpreneur Biz Club from Selah Studios

Quarterly Business Review Workshop

Are you tired of your business running you?

Then it’s time to think like a CEO and redefine yourself as the intentional and strategic business owner you’re called to be.

How will you achieve that? By scheduling purposeful time to review and examine your business regularly.

When you take time each quarter to:

  • Determine what worked
  • And what didn’t work
  • Review Important stats
  • Evaluate what you learned and plan for the quarter ahead

You are taking the necessary steps toward running your business instead of your business running you.

Ready to Be More Intentional In Your Business?
Start A Quarterly Business review Habit Today

Quarterly Business
Review Workshop

Only $27

In the Quarterly Review Workshop, you will receive the following:

  • The Quarterly Business Review Workbook: A 16-page workbook filled with stats to track, questions to ask, and goals to review, all customizable to your business
  • A 90-Minute Q&A Group Coaching Call: Together, we can look at the results of your review, share what you learned, talk about where you feel stuck, celebrate what worked, and finally, make plans for the next quarter.
  • The Monthly Business Review Workbook: A 9-page workbook, a miniature version of the in-depth Quarterly Review Workbook, again all customizable to your business.
  • Monthly Review Reminders: We all forget (I certainly do…), so I’ll send you a reminder for the next 3 months to do your monthly review.

The Quarterly Business Review Workshop will be a “Mini-Mastermind” style event.

I’ll be on the call to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and troubleshoot any problem areas. You will also have the benefit of wisdom and expertise from your fellow attendees.

Cover of the Quarterly Business Review Workbook

Next Quarterly Review Workshop:

  • When: Friday, April 5, 2024
  • When: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PT
  • Where: On Zoom

From my coaching clients…

“I feel confident and happy moving forward and I highly value the time that Marta and I have worked together. If you’re stuck in the morass of the messy middle, if chaos and confusion reign, she’s the coach you need.”

– Shelby B Ketchen
Online Business Coach/Strategist

“Thank you so much for your insight and coaching and help the last couple days, too. I have a vision now, something I’ve been trying to put together for a long, long time. Praise God!”

– Sharilee Swaity

Ready to be strategic, and intentional, in your business ?
This is a GREAT place to start.

Step #1:
Register and download the workbook

Step #2:
Answer the questions in the workbook

Step #3:
Develop your strategic review habit and run your business instead of your business running you.

Start Your Quarterly Business Review Habit Today

Quarterly Business
Review Workshop

Only $27