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Praying For My Business Workshop
Simple Ways to Invite God Into Your Business Planning

Have you ever wondered how to pray for your business?

As Christian entrepreneurs, we know the importance of having a business with God at the center and having Him as the foundation of all we do. 

But how well do we live that out? Some days we do great, others… well, probably not so much. 

The question I am often wondering is:

  • How do I invite God into my business?
  • How do I welcome Him in and stop trying to wrest back control?
  • How should I be praying about and for my business?

Over the years, as I’ve researched and read about praying for my business, I often come away frustrated.

Should we ask for God’s favor in our business? Yes!

Should we ask God to bless our business? Absolutely.

But there’s waaaaaay more to it than that. 

  • What about the day-to-day stuff you run into? 
  • What about seeking guidance with decisions big and small?
  • What about praying for your past, current, and future clients?
  • What about seeking discernment over products and services you offer? 
  • What about asking for help with marketing your business, deciding pricing, offers to create, etc?

Is it time for you to… develop a prayerful business habit?

Then you are invited!
to the

“Praying For My Business Workshop”:
Simple Ways to Invite God Into
Your Business Planning

In this workshop we’ll talk about:

  • Praying for your businesses, 
  • Building your business upon a solid Foundation
  • Seeking wisdom and discernment
  • Giving thanks and praise for answered prayer, clarity on issues, and the “Thanks God!” moments

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From an attendee…

Yesterday I attended Marta Goertzen’s “Praying For Your Business” workshop and it was a much-needed balm to my soul. It was led in such a way that Marta taught and encouraged and then opened the discussion to the participants so that we each could talk about areas where we might be struggling in praying for our business (a wholly new concept in the way it was presented!) and then share thoughts and ideas and new things to try.

I came away with a better understanding of how to pray for my business and actionable steps to take.

I hope that she’ll do this again!

– Shelby B Ketchen
Digital Business Manager/Strategist

In the Praying For My Business workshop, you will receive the following:

  • The Praying For My Business Workbook: A 16-page workbook filled with questions, journaling prompts, scripture, and recommended resources to help you further develop your prayerful habit.
  • A 90-Minute Workshop: Together, we will review the ways you can pray for and about your business. We will also share tools, resources, tips, and scripture we each use to pray for our businesses.
  • Safe Space To Share & Be Encouraged: A safe place to share where you are in your business, where you need prayer, and the steps you will take to invite God into your business planning.

This Workshop will be a “Mini-Mastermind” style event. There will be a short presentation sharing what what I have learned about praying for my business, then…

Please come prepared to share!

The rest of our time together will be a guided discussion and time of sharing with your fellow entrepreneurs about how they pray for their businesses.

The Praying For My Business Workshop:

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