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Thanks! I’ll add you to the newsletter.

Thanks! I’ll add you to the newsletter.

What to expect from the newsletter

Grateful Friday newsletter: Every Friday, you will receive my email which includes a few thoughts on the entrepreneurial journey, a couple of reflection questions, and a weekly gratitude list. 

A few brief welcome emails: For your first few weeks as a subscriber, I’ll also send you a short series of welcome emails, explaining what you can expect from me and where you can find my best work. 

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast: (Almost) Every Tuesday I send out a short email to share with you a few thoughts about that week’s podcast with tips, ideas, and resources geared toward women over 50 with online service-based businesses.

Get gentle reminders

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Some helpful resources…

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast: Each week we talk about running an online business, managing stress and anxiety, stepping into the calling on our hearts, and taking the action needed to find the clarity we’ve been looking for, all without needing to burn the candle at both ends. Head over here to listen in.

The Business Clarity Audit: Feeling stuck on a hamster wheel of doubt and confusion, feeling like you’re getting nowhere in your business? The constant stress and lack of clarity is draining, isn’t it? Download the Business Clarity Audit swill help you pinpoint exactly where you’re getting hung up and what’s been holding you back from the freedom and fulfillment you crave.

Welcome to the Grateful Friday community and thanks for reading!

Marta Goertzen,