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Monthly Website Care Plans

WordPress Maintenance Services
Website Security & Maintenance

Backing up your website and database on a regular schedule is IMPERATIVE as is keeping up with all the WordPress, Theme, and Plugin updates. But pushing that update button can make you hold your breath, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. What happens when your site updates do not work as planned or (heaven forbid) your site gets hacked?

That is why solid backup and restoration systems are vital to your business.

The MONTHLY WordPress Website Care Plan includes:

  • Initial Evaluation: What kind of security is in place and what needs to be added to keep your site secure.*
  • Backups Of Your Website: Regularly scheduled backups of your website with a minimum of 30 backups stored on an off-site secure server.
  • WordPress Software Updates: On a monthly basis we will keep up with the “Updates Available Now” messages you see on your website administrative dashboard as well as urgent requests from your website hosting provider.
  • Daily Security Scan: Daily scan of your website for any potential vulnerabilities or malware.
  • Monthly Website Care Plan Report: Includes notes on security scans, Google Analytics report, and security maintenance performed.
  • Restoration Of Website: To the most recent backup of your site if anything should happen.
  • 2-3 “Quick” Fixes: A Quick Fix is a 5-10 minute task like 1) A question you can ask via email, 2) need to check on the renewal of a domain, or 3) have that one little word on a page that is bugging you that needs to change. 2-3 “Quick” Fixes are covered in your Monthly Website Care Plan.

*It is important to note, that we make every effort to make sure that your website is safe and secure from would-be hackers, we cannot guarantee 100% protection. No one can. In the event, your site has an issue a backup and restoration service gives you the assurance that you will be back up and running quickly.

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(*See note below)

*Please note that for any website not created by Selah Studios (or formerly Trail Guide WebWorks), we will first need to conduct a website audit and review before Website Care Plan services can begin.

Your website will receive a top to bottom review for the current security in place and you will receive a list of recommendations of changes needed in order to create a stable and secure website. This initial audit and review package is $150. Contact us today to schedule your website audit and review.