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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your business?

Do you often feel that running your online business often is a lonely adventure?

That’s probably not what you imagined when you started your business.

Well, I’ve got good news for you, it doesn’t have to be.
And it shouldn’t.

You are a Christian woman entrepreneur who felt the call to start a business that serves and makes a difference in the lives of those you work with. It’s a calling you couldn’t ignore. 

Now that you’ve been on this journey for a while now, you are feeling stuck, and alone. You are unsure how to fix this business that isn’t living up to your dreams and expectations. 

I get it. Since I started my web design business 15 years ago, there have been seasons of feeling trapped and unsure of what to do about it.

During these seasons, there was a longing for a safe place to share and get feedback on my struggles, aha moments, and crazy ideas.

Hi, I’m Marta Goertzen and my crazy ideas have gotten me into trouble a time or two. My struggles and lack of clarity held me back in my business and eroded my confidence as a business owner. 

There were bright spots along the way. Coaches I worked with and friends I made along the way. Almost all of them had one thing in common: masterminds.

And, this is not an isolated experience, exclusive just to me.

It is something you can experience too.

Marta Goertzen holding her dogs Oliver & Mochi

Here at Selah Studios, I work primarily with heart-centered entrepreneurial women who: 

  • Feel lonely and isolated in operating their online business
  • Feel confused and overwhelmed by all the noise, and competing points of view, of social media and their email inbox.
  • Still feel stuck in their business despite purchase after purchase of courses, ebooks, and training.
  • Struggle to balance life, health, and family while running a business. 

Does any of this sound familiar?
As you read through that list, did you nod along, saying, “Yes! That’s me!”?

If yes, you probably struggle with: 

  • Bright Shiny Objects: There’s always something new to try, some new idea to explore that may take you and your business to the next level.
  • Isolation & Decision Fatigue: It’s hard to be a solopreneur who wears All-The-Hats, making All-The-Decisions for you, your business, and your clients.
  • Clarity: All those decisions, options, and possibilities feel impossible and you don’t know where to start.
  • Accountability: It’s hard to be your own boss sometimes, right? Sometimes outside accountability is just what you need to make get unstuck and start moving forward again. 
  • Family & Health: Many of the women I work with struggle with chronic health issues and/or have the added responsibility of being the caregiver of loved ones. 
(We seek to cultivate beauty and
simplicity each step of the way.)

As you well know, running a business is not for the faint of heart. And, as you talk with other business owners, you see common threads in the stories they share: 

  • Isolation, Exhaustion, and Loneliness: Business on your own is hard, and there are days when it feels too much. 
  • Courses, Coaching, Webinars: You bought them all based on the promise that something magical could happen. But in the end, many have not delivered the results you were looking for. Or you didn’t even finish what you purchased (ask me how I know this one!).
  • Distracted, Distracted, and more Distractions: You subscribe to the newsletters of the Expert of the Day and follow them on social media. Instead of helping, they simply add to the noise and conflicting advice you see and hear each day.

You know there has to be a better way, and you long for: 

  • A group of people who get you, your goals, and your audience, and can help you filter through allllll the ideas you come up with
  • A community to belong to where you can make personal connections and get clarity on your business plans and ideas.
  • You know business is hard, but does it have to be this hard all the time? You dream of a simplified and sustainable business model that you can steward well.

I know! Me too.

I’ve bought into the promise of the courses, boot camps, and programs. In fact, I refuse to total up the amount of money I have spent on looking for ways to grow, market, and enjoy my business. 

But, masterminds. 

Done right, these can be life and business-changing experiences. If that sounds like a powerful statement, it is. But, I’m living proof that it can happen. 

Through the connections, support, and encouragement I’ve received by being a part of masterminds, my business now makes sense. 

  • I’ve rebranded and combined two businesses into one. 
  • I’m revamping my core service offerings to better fit the needs of my clients and align with my values and personality. 
  • I’ve found a marketing tool that I actually LOVE doing and talking about. 
  • I’ve consistently emailed my audience weekly now for 15+ months, something I’ve NEVER been able to do in the 13 years previously.

In fact, the difference reawakened a long-ago idea of starting my mastermind. So in the summer of 2021, I did. Best. Decision. Ever. 

Just like me, I know you started your business to follow a dream, to help your family, and serve the people you connect with each day. 

You started your business for the freedom and flexibility you needed to manage your own health and make it easier to be the caregiver you need to be for your family. 

But in the day-to-day running of your business, the exciting vision you had is now fuzzy and faded.

You may have even lost sight of the possibility of what your business could be.  

It’s time to dream again.
It’s time to see possibilities again.  

It’s time to find a group of women who get this. Who gets you. Who understands this journey you are on.  

Are you ready to start dreaming again?

Apply for this exclusive community
for Christian Women Entrepreneurs
for only $127/month*
*With a 6-month commitment

I’d love to chat with you about this amazing, life-changing group.

Author Jim Rohn once said,
You are the average of the five people
you spend the most time with.”

So, let me ask you,
“Who are you surrounding yourself with?”

If you are tired of the loneliness, decision fatigue, competing “gurus” giving you conflicting advice, and your Bright Shiny Object Syndrome running rampant, the Selah Mastermind might be what you’ve been looking for. 

Are you ready for…

coral colored rose against dark background

A Safe & Supportive Community

Where you can be vulnerable and share your struggles, ideas, and questions without fear of judgment or a rolling of the eyes. 

Sustainable Business Growth

We don’t believe there is a cookie-cutter solution for everyone. So we focus on simplicity, sustainability, and stewardship of your time, effort, finances, and your health.

Deep Genuine Relationships

When you sojourn with others that get to know you, the real you as a woman, and as a business owner, friendships grow. 

Then I would love to talk to you about the

The Selah Mastermind group is a carefully curated group of heart-centered entrepreneurial women who do business and life together. It’s a private, safe and supportive community where you can ask for help and to give your help in return.

Think of it as having your own personal advisory board of fellow business owners who know you, your business, your struggles, and your dreams. Women who are ready to come alongside you and your business. And you are ready to do the same for them.

With the Selah Society Mastermind, you will have access to: 

2 Monthly Meetings

A small private group of women who meet the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month to discuss business, dreams, and goals.

Private Community

A private community (not Facebook!) where you can safely ask questions, get to know the other women in your group, share stories, share life, and have fun resources you find along the way.

Monthly & Quarterly Business Reviews

Monthly Business Review and Quarterly Business Review Workshop to gain understanding on how your business is doing what’s working, what’s not, and changes you may need to make.

Sense of Belonging

You no longer have to feel alone and isolated, with a sense of constant decision fatigue. We are here to support you, include you, grow with you, and tell you “I get it!”.

Safe Place to Share & Ask for Help

This mastermind group is a safe place to share your ideas, share where you feel stuck, and the freedom to ask for help when you need it.

Gentle, but Challenging, Accountability

We won’t let you off the hook and will point you back to your vision and core purpose. And we expect you to do the same for us.

Apply for this exclusive community
for Christian Women Entrepreneurs
for only $127/month*
*With a 6-month commitment

I’d love to chat with you about this amazing, life-changing group.

So… who is the Selah Society Mastermind for AND not for?

Who is this business mastermind group for?

  • Entrepreneurs: You’ve been in business for at least 1 year, usually with a business you run from home.
  • Out-of-the-box Thinkers: You may have extra caregiving roles and/or health issues that change how you work and run your business.
  • Heart-centered: You love to serve your clients and customers
  • Action Takers: You love to learn and grow and try and experiment
  • Sense of Humor: Life and business are hard enough, so you like to laugh and maybe even share your thoughts about Star Wars and Star Trek ;).
  • Women of Faith: At the core of how you view life and business, your faith is at the core.
  • Value-Based: Simplicity, Sustainability, Stewardship, Streamlining, Openness, Humility, Freedom, Friendship, Serving.

Who is this business mastermind group NOT for?

  • Wallflowers: What you get out of a group like this exceeds what you put in. If you prefer to be silent and not contribute, this is not a good fit for you. (I can’t overemphasize this one enough)
  • Uncoachable: If you feel you “know it already”, and dislike others speaking into your life and business, we are not for you.
  • Done For You: You just want someone to tell you what to do and hand you a checklist.
  • You don’t take ownership of the advice you choose to take and the results you get.
  • You don’t enjoy serving or caring for others. 
  • Hustle Over Rest: If you feel that go-go-go is the only pace that you can run a business at, you will be frustrated by how we think!

Here are a few comments from current Mastermind members:

Shelby B. Ketchen, DBM

Since joining the Selah Society Mastermind, I have gained deeper clarity about myself personally and about what it is that I want for my business.

Even better, I have forged deep (and what I think will be lasting) relationships with like-minded women and have found a safe place to share and process thoughts and ideas as they do the same. All of this is allowing me to move my business forward in a way that is genuine to me and my beliefs rather than following some “formula” that someone else thought of.

~Shelby B. Ketchen, Digital Business Manager

Niki Banning Virtual Support Service Provider

I can already feel the genuine connection, care, and compassion shown by each of these ladies.

The insight given, the daily check-ins (with no pressure!), accountability, and the moments of clarity – are all priceless, especially when coming from a group where you feel valued WHERE YOU ARE.

~Shana Banning, Virtual Support Provider

Kim Steadman on business coaching for women

Selah Society Mastermind has become a precious community that allows me freedom in all things creative.

I needed a place to safely bounce around ideas with a place to share, help, and give back to other women. They help me think and ponder and freely give their insights and opinions with grace. I’m so thankful for the help I’ve received and the connections I’ve made.

~Kim Steadman, Writing Coach and Digital Content Creator

Still have questions?
Great! Let’s see if we can’t answer some of those here:

If you are tired of feeling alone in your business, feeling stuck in your growth, tired of buying course after course, joining program after program, and constantly feeling confused by all the noise…

Then, joining the

is your breath of fresh air.

It is your opportunity to get help, offer help, dream big, and call out the dream in others. 

It’s a community built for you by women who get it, who understand the journey you are on and the calling on your heart. 

I’m VERY interested, how do I get started? 

Fill out the Mastermind application (it’s easy, I promise!)

We schedule a chat to get to know you and answer any questions you may have

If we both agree you are a good fit, you will receive an invitation to join this special group

Apply for the next group of the Selah Society Mastermind today

Apply for this exclusive community
for only $127/month*
*With a 6-month commitment

Selah Society Mastermind Member Application

Selah Mastermind Application
Are you able to commit to the 6 month minimum?
Will you commit to being an active community member?