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Is your Bright Shiny Object worth your time?

Have you heard of a Bright Shiny Object?

A bright shiny object, or BSO, is, “An item that attracts a great deal of attention because of its superficial characteristics.” [source]

In the entrepreneurial world where I live, it’s often referred to as a distraction. It’s a source of distraction that I have to deal with often. Especially when I’m feeling stressed and frustrated. That is when a BSO pops up and easily gets my attention.

It’s often a lot more fun to pursue a new thought and idea than it is to finish up the project I’m currently working on. Especially when it is not going as smoothly as I would like.

But does this mean they are always bad? Actually, no, I don’t think so.

Is your bright shiny object worth your time?

How do you know if a Bright Shiny Object is worth your time?

This topic has come up a lot in recent weeks. Here we are at the start of February when goals, projects, and resolutions have lost their luster. We are at that fork in the road where we have to decide if we are going to dig deep and keep moving forward or not.

It’s in situations like this where Bright Shiny Objects do their best work. This is when they shine their brightest and are the most enticing.

But! But sometimes I think what may look like a distracting BSO is actually a clarifying one.

Let me explain.

I’ve been working on my new membership program called The Selahpreneur Club. I’m at the tough part of pulling together the final details that will help me talk about the club and share it with the world.

It’s detailed work, the part that I’m not always the bestest at, and it’s why I have a trail of unfinished projects strewn behind me.

In an email conversation, something the writer said triggered a whole slew of new thoughts and ideas about the club. It drew me down a fun rabbit trail of ideas and possibilities. It became a bright shiny object that had the potential to derail me from my goal of launching the club.

I reached out to a friend and colleague with whom I have a standing agreement to be an idea processor and a, “what do you think of this idea” person. We both know that when our sometimes crazy ideas take hold, the other person is more level-headed at that moment and can either bring us back to earth or confirm this is something to pay attention to.

As I shared with her what I was thinking, new ideas kept pouring out and becoming more and more complicated. Then as my brain and jumble of ideas slowed down, I realized that this crazy idea was actually pointing out some missing pieces in my club plan. Important pieces that I needed to pay attention to.

Here, the bright shiny object became a clarifying moment instead of a major distraction. It was worth my time to pursue it and revisit my current plans.

Filtering Questions To Ask About Your BSO:

  • Is the new fun idea pulling you toward your values and goals or pulling you away from them? 
  • Is this fun new opportunity helping you get to your goal faster?
  • Is this new project a stepping stone to your goal? Will it help bridge a gap? 
  • Is this idea grabbing your attention because you are afraid of the project in front of you? {of course, I have absolutely no experience with this one…} 
  • Is your current project hard and throwing up obstacles, which makes this new idea sound a lot more fun? 

New ideas are great. I love them. But all too often it is my fear talking. Fear that I am making progress and stepping into my calling, which honestly can feel downright scary. It could be fear of how others will receive what I’ve created. Maybe it’s a fear of something not being “perfect” enough and therefore it’s too hard to finish and not worth sharing.

How you answer these questions and think about your fear response can help you decide if this BSO is worth your time or not.

Support for You and Your Crazy Ideas

Filtering ideas, crazy or not, is hard to do on your own. Not being in a community with other entrepreneurs kept me from growing for way too long. Thankfully, over the past several years, that has changed.

As I have joined communities and started my own, I’ve experienced growth in my business and personal life. I’ve gained clarity on my ideas and plans, and my business has changed for the better in record time.

Do you have a safe place where you can share your crazy ideas and get feedback? Are you connected with a group where you can ask for help to discern if a bright shiny object is worth paying attention to or not?

If not, I would love to speak to you about the mastermind and the Selahpreneur Club. They might be just what you need and have been looking for.

You can read more about the mastermind by clicking here, or you can schedule a time to chat here. I’d love to help you find a community and the support you need to get clarity for you and your business growth.

Think of a bright shiny object you encountered recently. Did it shine a light on a missing piece of a puzzle for you? Or is it taking you in the wrong direction and away from your goals and project plans?

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