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Hold On To Your Dream

Recently I was inspired by Tsh Oxenreider’s Commonplace Notebook on Tumblr, and thought it might be a good fit her on the blog too.

At the end of 2019 I started my own commonplace notebook to keep track of quotes, thoughts, and insights that grab my attention in videos I’m watching, books I read, or audiobooks I’m listening to.

What is a Commonplace Book, Notebook, or Journal you ask? It’s a notebook of saved memorabilia according to Merriam Webster.

Oxford describes a commonplace book like this:
“Commonplace-books were the information-organizers of Early Modern Europe, notebooks of quotations methodically arranged for easy retrieval. From their first introduction to the rudiments of Latin to the specialized studies of leisure reading of their later years, the pupils of humanist schools were trained to use commonplace-books, which formed an immensely important element of Renaissance education.”

From time-to-time, I’ll be sharing quotes, ideas, books that capture my attention.

Today’s Quote comes from SGN Graduation with Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, and Malala. If you aren’t watching these weekly Some Good News videos, you really should. They make me laugh, smile, and tear up.

This video was focused on the graduates of 2020 who are not able to have the full graduation experience. Graduates were invited to submit questions they would like to ask a commencement speaker. The answers were given by a few names you might recognize, like Oprah, Steven Speilberg, Jon Stewart, and Malala.

The question presented to Steven Spielberg was how to hold on to dreams when those around you don’t get it or support it. Watch the video for Steven’s full response, but this section grabbed my attention:

A dream is going to test your resolve. You are going to know a dream from a pipe dream or a dream from a casual crush with something that got you excited and then evaporated.

The real dream is something that not only hangs on to you but you will hang on to it. And it will power you through every obstacle that people and environment throw against you.

Because if we are in service to our dreams vs our dreams being in service to us, it becomes something greater and allows us to be game, and it allows us to get over our fear, and to go forward no matter what obstacles are thrown in our path.

What dreams have you forgotten or let go of? What dreams have not let you go?


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