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His Unfailing Love

A Daily Quiet Time Journal

Book cover of the book His Unfailing Love A Daily Quiet Time Journal

Do the quiet time pictures with bundles of markers, pens and washi tape leave you feeling as though you’re missing out on a creative quiet time?

Do you desire a more meaningful quiet time?

Do you have trouble squeezing a creative quiet time into your busy schedule?

Despite what our social media feeds tell us, our daily devotions do not need to be overly complicated to be meaningful. They do not have to require hours of time, or all of your markers, pens, and colorful tape to be beautiful. You can develop a creative daily quiet time routine that works for you and fits into your life right now.

The key? Keep it simple.

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His Unfailing Love: A Daily Quiet Time Journal, is a 31-day journey filled with five simple activities to develop your faith, cultivate gratitude, and nurture your creativity, including:

  • Reading and writing out the verse of the day
  • Keeping a daily gratitude list
  • Tracking prayer requests
  • Journaling thoughts and prayers
  • Creating with simple designs for coloring and space for lettering, doodles, and more

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