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Your Website Is
(or should be)
an Asset for Your Business

You probably already know how important websites are to a business in today’s online world. You may have even been thinking you need to get yours started or you know it is time to update your current site.

But, you’re busy.

Waaaaaay busy.

There is already a huge list of things on your to-do list. It feels daunting to add another project to your already busy schedule.

But, you also know it is time. 

Here are a few questions that are probably running through your mind:

  1. Where do I start?
  2. What questions do I need to ask?
  3. What resources and tools do I need?
  4. Where can I get help?

Where do you start?

You start with building a solid foundation.

With a solid foundation in place, you have a website that is ready to grow with you.  That is when your site starts to become of the greatest assets you have available in helping reach your business goals.

So, What Do I Need To Do?

Get clear about how your website is doing and figure out if it’s doing anything for you other than occupying space on the internet.

Do you remember the last time you really looked at your site?

We all have things we could improve on our websites. So, knowing where you are at and where you are going helps you create an action plan to turn your website into something that works for you.

The checklist has three sections:

  1. Your Website Foundation
  2. Turning Website Visitors into Leads and Customers
  3. Website Security, Maintenance, & Content Updates

In each section, you’ll find a list of five key questions where you answer Yes or No. After you complete each section, you count up all the checks in the “Yes” column and write that number in the space provided at the bottom of the page.

When you complete all three sections, compare the scores from each. This will give you a pretty clear idea of how your current website is doing and where you might need to do some work.

Wait! What if I dont have a website?


Use this checklist as a starting point before you begin your website project. 

Knowing the right questions to ask, getting clear about what you need to get started, and planning for the future of your website, will help you develop a strong online foundation that is ready to grow with you as your business grows.

How healthy is your site?
Grab The Healthy Website Checklist
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