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Happy New Year, It’s Time To Get Outside!

I actually had a different post idea planned for today… but instead pushed that out till next week.

Today is New Year’s Eve and I was able to take a long weekend to unwind, get outside, and get caught up on some writing.

Happy New Year, It's Time To Get Outside |

Well at least I got the get outside part done!

This was a much needed break and ended up being a beautiful day to hit the trail.

Watch for the details along the trail |

A time to slow down, enjoy the scenery and look for little details to photograph and preserve.

Frosty Morning |

It was amazing to see the different aspects of the trail. Frosty and slippery in some areas, sunny and warm in others.

South Slough Estuary |

Bailey and I had headed down to the South Slough Estuary and it was the right place to go.

BaileyBoy at South Slough Estuary |

There were a few times Bailey was a little too excited headed down the trail he almost pulled me down on the slippery walkway. Made it rather interesting at times…

Midpoint on the trail |

It’s important to take time to breath deep, slow down, take notice and observe what is going on around you.

Little Falls on the South Slough Estuary |

Don’t take opportunities like this for granted! Even if it is just sitting on the porch 🙂

Happy New Year!

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