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You’ve journaled, bought courses, launched stuff, and a whole lot more.

BUT, you still feel stuck.

You know…

  • You can help people but your not quite sure how. You’ve launched products and services but nothing seems to work.
  • It’s exhausting and tiring to always be guessing and wondering what to do.
  • You’re just plain tired of being stuck, of staying where you are, and nothing changing.

Guess what? I’ve been where you are

Picture of Marta holding her 2 dogs on her lap seated on a fallen log

Hey there, Iā€™m Marta,
and I REALLY do get it.

Staring at a long list of possibilities but feeling completely lost on which direction to go.

Knowing that you are on the verge of “getting it” but you need help to see what to do next.

That’s why I created the Get Unstuck Coaching Sessions – to be your personal guide to ask some tough questions, dig up some “aha moments”, and to help you take the next steps forward to help you find that clarity you are seeking.


Get Unstuck Coaching

So, what does a Get Unstuck Coaching Session Look like?

Let’s take a look

Get Unstuck Coaching Workbook

The Get Unstuck Workbook

You will receive a workbook of a questions to answer and some journaling to do before our time together. This will help us both get a baseline for where you are at.

Get Unstuck Coaching Session

A 60-Minute Coaching Session

I’ll review your answers and during our coaching session give you feedback on what I’m seeing. Then together we’ll review where you are at, where you would like to go and create an action plan you can implement right away.

Get Unstuck Coaching Action Plan

A Simple Action Plan

You will walk away with an action plan of insights and next steps you can take in your business clarity journey. This action plan is a solid foundation you can build upon. Ready for some momentum?

BUT, we all get stuck. We need another set of eyes on where we are stuck, to help us see what we can’t.

Feeling that level of frustration is stressful and discouraging. It can quickly become and endless cycle of, well… stuckness!
And I don’t want that for you.

Let’s get you unstuck, and moving forward again in your business.
Are you ready?

Why?? Because I’ve had SO MUCH FUN in recent sessions.
You get help and I have some fun. A win-win for both of us! šŸ™‚

It’s an amazing experience to watch the change during a Get Unstuck Session. There’s a spark of excitement in the eyes, voices become more animated, and a there’s a palpable sense of relief that there is hope of finally figuring it out.

Remember, Your Get Unstuck Coaching Session Includes:

  • The Get Unstuck Workbook
  • A 60-minute Coaching Session with Marta
  • A recording of our session for you to keep
  • A simple action plan you can take action on right away
  • The empathy and understanding of someone who understands where you are at and can give you the support, tools, tips, or resources you need to get unstuck.