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Featured Website Project: Trail Guide WebWorks

Project Description:

This site you are on – I’m so excited about this site. It is the next iteration of my business that is already opening up new doors, new opportunities and new ideas. Lots of hard work but oh so fun.

This site has been a fun one to work on, I wanted to use a theme I hadn’t worked with in awhile and a new toy, I mean tool, that allowed me greater flexibility in designing and using custom widget content areas on the home page. All sorts of fun that got me to the design you see here.


Find Marta and Trail Guide WebWorks on:

Resources Used:

  • WordPress
  • Genesis Framework & Altitude Pro Child Theme
  • Visual Content Plugin to make it easy to create quick landing pages, pages with wide “hero” image banners across the top of the page, quick layout changes, blog posts and more. It is a another way for me to test ideas, and layouts 🙂

Graphics: Thanks to the guys over at I’m thrilled with how this logo turned out. A big shout-out of thanks to Andrew Wall & Layne Huber.

Developing Content, Design, & Layout:
I’ve been fascinated by the Donald Miller’s StoryBrand. I. LOVE. IT. This 7 part framework is changing how I approach all my marketing including my website and how it tells the story of my brand, my message, my book, and more! I’ll be writing about it more in the future.

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