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Featured Project: Kevin Miller

Project Description: Kevin Miller and Driven to Live Community


Website Project Goals:

  • Phase 1: Driven To Live: Working with Kevin & Jared the main goal was to create a personal brand to help Kevin promote his podcasts and gain the attention of a publisher for an upcoming book project.
  • Phase 2: Once the book publisher was found a greater focus on Kevin’s brand became the main focus of the website design.
  • Phase 3: The next phase included a marketing drive and focus promoting Kevin’s new community membership the Driven to Live community and higher level coaching and mastermind groups.
  • Streamline Kevin’s offerings and feature his highly rated and downloaded podcasts.

Brand Strategist & Primary Graphic Designer: Jared Angaza

You can find Kevin on the following social media platforms:

Resources Used:

  • WordPress
  • Uncode WordPress Theme
  • Osiris Hosting

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