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Ep. 59 – Sometimes Your Hardest No Makes the Best Yes

Sometimes we need to say no to the good stuff so we can say yes to the great stuff.

Have you ever realized that you’ve said yes to too many things? They were probably good things, too, but now everything feels out of control.

Or perhaps you’ve said no to something you really wanted, only to find it opened doors to something better.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 59

That’s what we’re discussing today—times when saying no, even though it’s hard and you really want something, often leads to your best yes. It’s about making room for something better later on.

A Recent Heartbreaking No

Recently, I’ve been looking to add a new pup to our family. My Cheweenie, Mochi, needs a buddy. I found a medium-sized shepherd mix at a shelter. He was sweet, smart, and easily trainable. 

But he couldn’t handle car rides, which are essential for us and our daily walks. Since we have no easy places to walk near home, we jump in the car and explore our local lakes, forest trails, and the beach. 

Despite efforts to ease his fears, it wasn’t working for him or for us. The stress was too much and I was concerned about him and causing problems for him. 

In the end I made the decision it was not going to work. Oh that was hard!.

Thankfully, a week and a half later, he was adopted by someone else. It was hard, but it was the best decision for everyone involved.

Learning From the Hard No

This experience made me reflect on my business. I realized I had been letting some things drop. 

One of my goals this year has been to get ahead on the podcast by at least two to three weeks. But, here in July, I am still stuck in week-by-week mode. 

It hit me, I had complicated my business. It was no longer simple, and I was not walking my talk of creating a simple and sustainable business.

My Strategic Nos Are Opening Doors to Better Opportunities

Here are a few ways I’m saying no so I can say yes to better things:

  1. Saying No to YouTube: I paused my YouTube podcast channel to focus on the audio version of the podcast. This instantly made the podcast more manageable and enjoyable.
  2. Saying No to the Selah Entrepreneur Journal: This passion project was causing more stress than it was worth. By setting it aside, I can focus on showing up better for my clients.
  3. Saying No to Showing Up Everywhere: I was spreading myself too thin across many platforms. Now, I’m focusing on a few key areas for a more sustainable approach.

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Let’s create a business that’s simple, sustainable, and aligned with our gifts and calling.

What about you? Your turn:

  • Is there a decision you’ve been waffling on?
  • What would saying no to it allow you to say yes to?
  • Are there clients or contracts causing regret?
  • What types of work add stress and need reevaluation?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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