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Ep. 56 – 5 Reasons You Should Join a Mastermind Community

Do you have a community where you can get the support you need as an entrepreneur?

Today, I’ll share with you five compelling reasons why you, as a female entrepreneur over 50, should consider joining a mastermind community.

I know firsthand how valuable being part of the right mastermind can be, and I want to help you experience those same benefits.

Isolation is the Dream Killer

As I’ve learned over my 16 years in business, isolation is truly the dream killer. When you’re working alone, especially from home, it’s so easy to feel lost, discouraged, and plagued by self-doubt.

“Isolation is the dream killer.”
Barbara Sher

But being part of a mastermind community ensures you’re no longer doing business alone. Instead, you’re surrounded by a group of “sojourners” who understand your entrepreneurial journey and can offer encouragement, accountability, and a much-needed perspective shift.

A Support System for Giving and Receiving

One of the most powerful aspects of a mastermind is the opportunity to both give and receive support. As I’ve experienced, “when we are teaching and helping people and investing our expertise and passion into the lives of those we care about, that is amazing.”

You’ll gain confidence by realizing how much you actually know and can offer others. At the same time, you’ll benefit tremendously from the advice and encouragement of fellow members who are invested in your success.

Connect and Collaborate

Masterminds offer invaluable networking and connecting opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. I’ve personally gained clients, connections, podcast appearances, and summit invitations all because of the connections I made through these small, intimate communities.

By regularly meeting with like-minded individuals, you can establish meaningful relationships, explore potential collaborations, and even gain referrals for your services.

Your Personal Advisory Board  

In a mastermind, you have a personal advisory board – people who truly see and understand you. As I’ve found, “They know when you’re on your good days and bad days, and they’re there to celebrate you or hold you up when you need extra help.”

A mastermind provides a safe space to share your struggles, celebrate wins, and receive the honest feedback and accountability you need to grow.

Foster Growth and Confidence

Ultimately, being part of a mastermind community can foster significant personal and business growth. “When you are seen, heard, and have a great coach or facilitator leading the conversation and working to ensure everyone is growing and maturing, that’s where real growth comes from,” I’ve experienced firsthand.

As you grow within a supportive community, you’ll also gain invaluable confidence in your abilities and direction as an entrepreneur.

As a female entrepreneur over 50 myself, I can’t overstate the value of being part of the right mastermind. It provides the support, connections, accountability and growth opportunities you need to truly thrive. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, I invite you to explore my own Selah Society Mastermind. You deserve a community that understands and champions your entrepreneurial journey every step of the way.

To learn more, visit or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to talk to you and answer any questions about the mastermind experience. 

Business is better together, and with the right community, you can achieve amazing things. 

What about you? Your turn:

  • Do you feel alone in your business?
  • Have you ever been part of a community where you felt safe to share the ups and downs of your business?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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