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Ep. 55 – How To Manage The Stress Of Feeling Stuck In Your Business

Do you find your business (and feeling stuck in it) is stressing you out?

Recently, I conducted a survey among my Grateful Friday newsletter readers, and an overwhelming number of responses revealed a common concern—stress related to managing their businesses.

The source of a lot of that stress was centered around a lack of clarity in direction, marketing, or creating products and services their audience wanted.

The Sources of Entrepreneurial Stress

In the survey, the majority responded that stress is either becoming an issue or already causing business and health problems. 

This tells me that many women entrepreneurs feel stuck, particularly in determining the direction to take their businesses or how to move forward strategically while maintaining simplicity and sustainability. 

With so much noise, opinions, and options available to use these days, the abundance of all that information can easily often lead to confusion, making us forget our goals and who WE ARE as entrepreneurs.

The Effects of Stress on Entrepreneurs

Stress is essential for life—in fact, we need it. However, for entrepreneurs, the stress that hums in the background can spiral out of control and cause significant issues. 

This constant, unrelieved stress is detrimental to both our health and our business. The sources of stress can vary, but they are often linked to the challenges of growth and change, information overload, and the pressures of our fast-paced, instant-result society.

The Challenges of Growth

Growth can be difficult and often feels uncomfortable. Many of us are introverted and prefer our routines, so stepping out of our comfort zones to grow can be daunting. Yet, growth is vital. 

As entrepreneurs, we must continually evolve because our clients expect and need us to. They want to see our journey and progress. If we choose to not grow and evolve as entrepreneurs the stress increases and our clients can then outgrow our services.

So what should we do? 

Here are three actionable steps to help you fight back against stress and find clarity in your business:

1. Cultivate a Habit of Rest

Developing a habit of rest and stillness is crucial. It involves intentionally stepping back from business to quiet the noise and allow time to think. 

This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths, brewing a cup of tea, or spending time outdoors. For me, walking my dogs and spending time in my garden provides a much-needed mental break. It does not and should not be complicated.

2. Get Back to Basics

Information overload is real and we don’t always manage it well. Revisit the basics: who you serve, what problem you solve, and how you solve it. 

Document these basics and refer to them regularly to stay grounded and focused. Having a tool you can use to help filter out irrelevant information and advice, making it easier to trust your own instincts.

Plus, this is a tool you can revisit and update as you learn, grow, and evolve in your business.

3. Take Action

Taking action based on what you know is essential for clarity. Instead of jumping to step ten, focus on taking the next immediate step. 

Taking an incremental approach will reduce stress, keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and facilitate more manageable growth.

Before you go…

Stress can be overwhelming and detrimental to your health and business. My empathy is with those of you struggling at this moment because I have been there, and I still find myself slipping back into that kind of stress when I ignore the three steps listed above.

Starting simple and taking consistent, small actions can significantly alleviate stress and help you get back on track..

Above all, learn to rest and be still. Pausing and taking moments of reflection are such important parts of this journey. Remember, you are not alone—every entrepreneur faces these challenges. 

Let’s embrace the journey of growth, confusion, and eventual clarity, knowing it will lead us to better serve our clients and achieve our business goals.

What about you? Your turn:

  • What is stressing you out about your business today?
  • Of the three steps listed above, which one could you take action on TODAY?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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