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Ep. 54 – 5 Signals Your Business is Ready to Pivot

Are there signals it’s time to pivot, grow, or elevate your business that you’ve been ignoring?

Over the years I’ve come to recognize a few signals that indicate your business might be ready to pivot—and maybe more importantly, that you’re ready to pivot with it. 

While these are signs that a lot of entrepreneurs will recognize, however, these are particularly for solo entrepreneurs and women who have been running an online service-based business for several years. 

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 54

Ready to take a look at what these signals look like and what they might mean for your business journey?

Signal #1: Feeling Restless?

One of the first signals that your business might be ready for a change is a feeling of restlessness. Initially, the work you were doing was thrilling and fulfilling. However, over time, this excitement begins to fade. You may find yourself thinking, “Something has changed, this isn’t how it was when my business started.” 

If your business starts to feel more like a job and less like your passion, it’s a clear indication that you are growing, and your business needs to evolve to keep up with you.

Signal #2: Are You Offering Unexpected Advice?

The second signal is when you find yourself offering advice beyond your initial scope of work. For instance, maybe you started as a virtual assistant offering task-based support, and now you’re advising clients on their marketing strategies or service packages. This new role may not even have a formal title yet, but you’re increasingly serving as an advisor or coach.

Could it mean that your expertise has grown beyond your initial offerings?

Signal #3: Dreading Your Inbox?

Another telling signal is when you have a hard time motivating yourself to open your inbox or get excited about new projects. This lack of enthusiasm can be a powerful indicator that you need to realign your business focus. 

Create a list of tasks and clients you enjoy working with and separate it from those that no longer excite you. This exercise can give you some interesting insights into how your passions, interests, and skills have changed.

Signal #4: Inconsistent Marketing Efforts

Your marketing efforts, or lack thereof, can also be a significant signal. If you find yourself neglecting marketing activities, it’s possibly because your business isn’t aligned with your true passions. When your marketing feels like a chore or is inconsistent, it might be a sign that your business messaging needs to be redefined.

Conduct an audit of your past marketing content. Identify what pieces you enjoyed sharing and those you did just to do something. What got engagement? What didn’t? What clues can you find when you compare the two?

Signal #5: Consuming More Than Creating or Applying

The final signal to watch for is a tendency to consume more information than you create. Many entrepreneurs love learning, but if you’re constantly taking courses and attending webinars without applying this knowledge, it could mean you’re searching for an answer “out there” to help you figure out your next step and direction.

Ask yourself, “What do you hope to find in all this information?” The answer you come up with could be that you have grown, you are on the brink of change and you are looking for answers to help you figure it out. 

So, What do you do with all these signals? Get feedback and take some action.

If you recognize some of these signals, it might be time to take some action. And please, don’t delay taking action on what you are learning, the longer you wait, the more overwhelmed and confused you might feel. 

Seek feedback from trusted sources, whether it’s a coach, a fellow entrepreneur, or even a client you know well that may see things in you, you can’t.

Remember, growth and pivoting are natural parts of the entrepreneurial journey. By paying attention to these signals, reflecting deeply, and taking considered action, you can ensure that your business evolves in a way that supports your growth, serves your clients effectively, and aligns with your life goals.

What about you? Your turn:

  • What signal grabbed your attention the most?
  • What does that signal tell you about your business and personal growth?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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