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Ep. 49 – Hustle ISN’T the Problem – Toxic Hustle Is

To Hustle or Not to Hustle That is the Question… or is it? 

I’ve had a bit of a growing pet peeve with the anti-hustle message I see everywhere. I get it and actually agree with some perspectives I encounter online. 

However, my beef with what I’m seeing is that we are not using the word hustle correctly. 

Episode 49 of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast
  • If you’ve ever had a gaggle of kids dragging their heels behind you, I’m sure you’ve said, “Keep up! Let’s go!”. 
  • If you ever go on a walk with my dogs and me, you will hear me say often, “Time to go. This is the walking portion of today’s program.” (I mean really!!! You just stopped and sniffed for half an hour 1 inch ago…)
  • If you’ve ever watched sports, you probably talk about their hustle, or lack of it. Maybe you have even yelled, “Come on, hustle!”, to encourage the players to get a move on. I know I have a time or two. As a kid, I may have had this yelled at me, you know, once or twice. 

Hustle is Not the Problem

Stress and hustle. We actually need both. A life completely stress free is not only boring, it’s not healthy. We also need hustle. It’s often the motivator we need to get stuff done, meet deadlines, or simply to push ourselves to do a little better. 

The problem arises when hustle becomes the norm. It’s an everyday thing that we never take a break from. 

Again, just like stress, both are harmful to our physical and mental health when that is the only speed we know. 

Addressing Toxic Hustle

Toxic hustle is when we see issues arise. This is when we need to evaluate what we are doing, what is working, what is not, and make changes so that hustle is not a normal way of living or doing business.

Another point to keep in mind here. Hustle is not just physical on-the-go movement. It is also mental gymnastics, coaching, troubleshooting, strategizing, managing, and so much more. It’s easy to get caught up in the thinking game of business that we always feel the need to keep going, even when we really need to stop and take a break. 

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been knee deep in my own mental gymnastics. Website and email troubleshooting, marketing strategy and development, coaching my clients, making big decisions (or trying too), and so much more. 

Days, or seasons, when I need to use my “Little gray cells”* a lot, are when a 2 walk day becomes even more important than ever for me. When I take the time to actually notice that Toxic Hustle is in control, it’s time to make changes. 

(*Any Hercule Poirot fans out there!???)

What else can you do? 

  • Braindump: Get EVERYTHING you are thinking about down on paper. You can see it and stop trying to hold it all in your brain. 
  • Exercise: Get the blood pumping, breathe deep, and hopefully get outside. No better therapy I can think of ;).
  • Tea Break: Slowing down or stopping requires nothing fancy. A simple tea break and step away from the computer, from the thinking, from the planning, and strategizing, even for a few minutes gives you a break.
  • Check Your Boundaries: Toxic hustle often slips in when we do not maintain our boundaries. Are you working too long? Too Late? On the Weekends? Even after you said that would not happen anymore? 
  • Say No: No, is a complete sentence right??? 
  • Plan Your Rest and Renewal: When we are in stressed out toxic hustle mode, we think, “I’ll rest later”, or “when I have a minute I’ll take a break”. Uhm, maybe, but probably not. PLAN your rest, make it an appointment just like you would for any of your clients. 

What about you? Your turn:

Here are a couple of questions for you to think about.

  • Are you okay with some hustle?
  • Do you know how to recognize toxic hustle in your life and schedule? 

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