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Ep. 46 – 3 Reasons We Need to Have Conversations About Business Clarity

It’s important to have open and honest conversations about the business clarity journey.

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves caught up in the day-to-day of our businesses, focusing on tasks, strategies, and goals. How often do we take a step back to ensure we have clarity and direction in our business amidst the busy?

Today, I want to talk about the importance of having conversations about clarity and direction for our businesses. These conversations are not just about pointing out what’s working or what’s not. They are about delving deeper into understanding the core vision of our businesses and ensuring that we are on the right path towards achieving our goals.

Episode 46 of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - 3 Reasons We Need to Have Conversations About Business Clarity

The Power of Asking Better and Deeper Questions About Our Businesses

One key aspect we’re talking about is the power of asking questions. By questioning the status quo, evaluating the effectiveness of our strategies, and reflecting on our decision-making processes, we can pave the way for growth and improvement in our businesses. 

Asking questions allows us to challenge ourselves, identify areas that need to grow and evolve, and ultimately can steer our businesses in the right direction.

We Need to Embrace the Idea of Community and Collaboration

When we find a supportive community where entrepreneurs can openly express their doubts, frustrations, and uncertainties about their businesses, things change. 

By creating a safe and understanding environment where we can engage in conversations, we not only acknowledge our challenges but also gain valuable insights and perspectives from fellow entrepreneurs. 

Collaboration and community support play a crucial role in helping us navigate through uncertainties and find clarity in our entrepreneurial journey.

The Business Clarity Journey Never Ends

Business clarity is not a destination; it’s a continuing journey. Our businesses require ongoing reflection and adjustment to stay aligned with our vision. 

By revisiting our clarity, reassessing our goals, and seeking feedback from trusted sources, we can ensure that we are moving forward with purpose and intention.

One Last Thought….

Seeking clarity in our businesses helps us avoid complacency and mediocrity. By regularly reviewing our businesses and taking stock of how we, and our businesses, are doing we take the steps needed to keep us from a static business and into a strategic, and proactive business. 

When we have encouraging and empathetic conversations about the ups and downs of the business clarity journey, we create a safe place to share our journey and support others along the same journey.

Embracing conversations about clarity and direction is fundamental to the success and sustainability of our businesses.

Let’s start having these vital conversations and make it safe for all of us to realize that having doubts and struggling in our businesses is normal, a part of growing as entrepreneurs. 

This need to have a place to have these conversations has inspired a new idea! 


Business Clarity Conversations Logo

I am thrilled to announce the launch of “Business Clarity Conversations,” a monthly gathering designed to facilitate discussions on business clarity, doubts, and growth. 

These will be small gatherings of 10-12 women, with the goal to provide a supportive, and safe, space for women entrepreneurs to share their experiences, seek guidance, and learn from each other’s journeys. 

If you are looking to enhance clarity, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights, I invite you to join us.

The first one is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, 2024. Join me for the inaugural Clarity Conversations at Selah Studios. Visit for more details and to reserve your spot. 

Here’s to clarity, growth, and thriving businesses!

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