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Ep. 39 – There’s Beauty To Be Found In The Messy Middle

Have you ever felt stuck in the “messy middle” of your business journey?

In this episode I’m sharing a recent experience where one of my morning walks with my dog, Mochi,  inspired me to think differently about this crazy journey of entrepreneurship. 

I’m sharing how our winter storms changed the trails we were exploring were a reflection of the journey of entrepreneurship. I was reminded that there are many opportunities to find beauty in unexpected places during the “messy middle”.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 39 - There's Beauty To Be Found in the  Messy Middle

This is a topic I can get excited about, you may notice that as you listen in :). But I know that if you keep moving forward and trust, that you will find beauty on the other side. The struggle to find the answers you are looking for is worth it!

Here are some of the key takeaways from today’s episode: 

1. The importance of taking action in your clarity journey. Clarity comes through action, not just thoughts.

2. Understanding the delays in clarity and how they serve you in preparing for your vision.

3. Embracing the decision-making process and having faith in your next steps.

4. Recognizing the beauty and growth that emerges from navigating the messy middle of your business journey.

5. Realizing the value of the clarity journey despite the challenges.

Ready to embark on your own journey of discovery? Don’t miss out on the latest episode.

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