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Ep. 36 – Are You Feeling Trapped Between The Business You Have And The One You Want?

Are you feeling trapped between the business you have and the dream, and potential, of what your business could be?

Have you ever felt stuck in your business, unsure of the next steps to take or the direction to go? If so, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, especially women over 50, experience periods of uncertainty and longing for clarity in their business journey.

In this episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, I’m sharing some of my own experiences and what I’ve learned as I continue to navigate the journey of clarity in business. 

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 36 - Are you feeling trapped between the business you have and the one you want?

If you have ever felt confused and wondered…  

  1. My business is a gift, and an answer to prayer, and iI don’t want to take it for granted. But why am I struggling with what my next steps should be? Why do I feel so stuck? Am I being ungrateful?
  2. It’s time to pivot my business and uplevel my services, but boy does that feel risky. 
  3. I’m longing for a change but can’t express yet where this desire of change is coming from and what exactly that change needs to be. I just keep hearing myself say, “Something has to change, this isn’t working.”
  4. I don’t know how to market my business, make plans about my business and the thought of “putting myself out there” for work that I know longer enjoy… there’s no motivation there, only confusion and dread.

You are not alone and these questions are actually good! They mean you are ready to do the work it takes to find your clarity and grow as an entrepreneur. 

But what do you do until you have that clarity? 

  • FIRST don’t give up
  • SECOND know that you are not alone in this “stuckness”
  • THIRD take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and just be. 

Learning to pause and not race to the next thing is huge and is one of the first things I suggest you learn in your clarity journey. 

So, what steps should you take to find clarity and stop feeling trapped? 

Get real about a few things. Does that answer surprise you? 

  1. You are different from the person who started her business a couple of years ago. You have changed, you have grown, you have learned things! But, your business hasn’t kept up. 
  2. You are not 30 anymore! Your needs are different, your family dynamics are different, your health may be different. All of these issues and needs need to be taken into consideration even though you may resist it!
  3. You CAN dream (you are allowed and should want to) about a different type of business. If you are dreaming about something different and it’s a thought that won’t leave you, this is something to pay attention to. Don’t ignore it. 

If you’re feeling the pull for change in your business, this episode is for you. When you find your clarity it leads to a newfound confidence, hope, and excitement about the potential of your business. 

I’m also sharing with you about my Business Clarity Breakthrough Coaching Program, designed to help entrepreneurial women, just like you, identify your next steps and unlock your business’s true potential.

Listen in or read the transcript (link below) to gain valuable insights and strategies for finding clarity in your business journey.

Remember, being stuck is a sign of growth, and there’s always a way to move forward. If you’re ready to embark on your own business clarity journey, don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the Business Clarity Breakthrough Coaching Program.

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