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Ep. 35 – What You Need to Consider When Setting Gentle Business Goals

Setting Effective & Gentle Business Goals: A Journey of Clarity and Intention

Setting effective business goals is a crucial aspect of growth and success, but it’s not just about jotting down a list of desires. It’s about cultivating a deeper understanding of your core values, aligning your goals with your faith, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. 

In this episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, I’m sharing what I’m asking about setting meaningful goals that are not only aligned with one’s core values but also rooted in faith and intention.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 35 - What You Need to Consider When Setting Gentle Business Goals with host Marta Goertzen

Here are the 7 things to consider, or ask, as you set goals for you and your business:

1. Core Values and Goal Setting: 
By crafting goals that reflect core values like creativity, gratitude, and stewardship, entrepreneurs can foster a business that is authentic to their principles and purpose.

2. Faith-Based Goal Setting:  
Your faith plays a significant role in goal setting, serving as a foundation of trust and guidance. When your goal setting is intertwined with faith, it allows you to operate with confidence, trust, and a deeper sense of purpose, empowering you to navigate challenges with steadfast resolve.

3. Embracing Discomfort Through Goal Setting (aka your comfort zone): 
Wanting a gentle business often leads to setting safe, unambitious goals. But, gentle does not mean weak and it’s not an excuse to hide behind safe goals. Instead, getting out of your comfort zone through goal setting can lead to transformative experiences and breakthroughs in your entrepreneurial journey.

4. The Power of Intentional Goal Setting
Intentionality is pivotal in goal setting, as it involves deliberate planning and purposeful design. By approaching goal setting with intention, you can align your actions with a clear vision, fostering a proactive and impactful business approach.

5. Stewardship in Goal Setting Stewardship
Are you setting goals that stewards your business, skills, and talents? You need goals that steward entrepreneurial gifts that in turn allow you to serve your clients while nurturing your skills and gifts.

6. Aligning Goals with Your Business Direction 
Are your goals based on ‘bright shiny objects’ or do they compliment your business, your clarity journey, and your calling? Such alignment ensures that any goal you set propels your business forward, rooted in a grounded and purpose-driven approach.

7. Know Your Why
Take the time to KNOW YOUR WHY. When your business gets tough (and that’s when, not if) knowing why you set your goals makes a huge difference. If you are connected with the purpose of each goal it will help keep you motivated and moving forward. 

The process of setting and refining business goals extends beyond mere checkboxes on a list. It delves into the intricacies of personal values, faith, and the intentionality of actions. 

Listen to the full episode or read the transcript and discover the keys to setting your goals with purpose and intention.


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