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Ep. 32 – I’ve Picked My Word of the Year… Now What?

Are you feeling stuck after picking your word of the year for your business?

In this episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, we’re continuing our discussion of selecting and using a Word of the Year for your business.

Today, we’ll explore how to cultivate and engage with your word in a way that can make a profound impact on your business and personal growth.

I’m sharing six ideas you can use to get to know your word and stay motivated with it throughout the year.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 32 - I've Picked My Word of the Year... Now what?

Here are a three of the six areas we are discussing in this episode:

  1. Creating a Word of the Year Journal: Learn how to set up a dedicated journal for your word of the year, filled with definitions, quotes, Bible verses, and reflections that will deepen your connection to your chosen word.
  2. Engaging with Visual Reminders: Discover the power of visual cues and reminders to keep your word at the forefront of your mind. Marta shares creative ideas for incorporating visual reminders into your workspace and daily life.
  3. Actionifying Your Word: Uncover the significance of putting actionable steps behind your word, making it a tangible and integrated part of your yearly journey.

A Word of the Year can become a foundational pillar for goal setting and helping us reach those goals. Marta Goertzen host of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast

It’s a journey of discovery, and your word of the year is a tool you can use to transform your business and clarity journey. 

Ready to deepen your connection with your word of the year and infuse it into your business journey? Listen to the full episode for guidance and practical tips on cultivating your word for the year.


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