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Ep. 26 – You Are More Than A Template! Do You Know How Unique You Are?

Feeling stuck in your business? Maybe you’ve forgotten how unique you and your business are.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to feel stuck or unsure of the direction our business should take. We often try to fit our business into someone else’s expectations, losing sight of our own unique perspective and approach. 

In this week’s podcast episode of The Selah Entrepreneur, titled “You Are More Than a Template! Do You Know How Unique You Are?,” we’re diving deep into the idea of rediscovering who you are as a business owner. 

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 26: You are more than a template. Do you know how unique you are?

It’s Important to Remember Who You Are as a Business Owner

I’m sharing a few ideas on how to break free from trying to fit into someone else’s expectations and how to explore your own unique business perspective. I’ll walk you through The PACE Method to Business Clarity to help you get clear on where you currently stand in your business. 

When you take the time to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, and what you know to be true about your experiences and accomplishments, you can gain the confidence to move forward and make a difference in the lives of those you’re called to serve. 

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with your business, this podcast episode will help. I’m providing practical tips and strategies to help you regain clarity and design a business that works for you.

Remember, your business is unique, just like you. It’s time to create a business that aligns with who you are, allows you to work in your strengths, and personality.

You are not a copy of anyone else. You, your business and your approach to serving your clients is unique. Celebrate it! ~Marta Goertzen - The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast, Episode 26

Listen in (or read the transcript below), for more insights, and to take the Mini-Business Clarity Audit to help you find your clarity as an entrepreneur.


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