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Ep. 25 – Do You Know What Season of Growth Your Business is in Right Now?

Do you know what season of growth your business is in?

Or what season of growth you are in as an entrepreneur?

Maybe you should… 

In this week’s episode we are taking a look at four seasons of growth that impacts home-based online entrepreneurs. We are also taking a look at why you need to understand the season you are in. 

Episode 25 of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - "Do you know what season of growth your business is in today?"

The Four Seasons of Growth

  • Seeking clarity 
  • Staying the course or time to do the work
  • Scaling for growth 
  • Scaling back for rest. 

We’ll examine how each season presents unique opportunities and challenges, and how understanding which season your business is in can help you make smart business decisions along the way.

Understanding the season of growth of your business and aligning it with your personal strengths and needs can be a game-changer. 

Whether it’s time to dive into your business personality or simply stay the course, this episode provides valuable insights to help you thrive as a woman over 50 in the online business world.

Understanding the season of growth you are in will help you make better decisions about your business. - Marta Goertzen

Tune in (or read the transcript below), for actionable tips and a special business personality quiz. Don’t miss out on identifying your unique path to a successful and sustainable business.


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