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Ep. 23 – The Anxious Entrepreneur: 4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Gratitude List

Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious and stressed as an entrepreneur?

You’re not alone. Many of us experience the pressures and challenges that come with running our own businesses. But what if there was a simple practice that could help alleviate those anxious feelings and bring more contentment into your life?

In this week’s episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, titled “The Anxious Entrepreneur: 4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Gratitude List,” I’m sharing some of my journey with anxiety and how I discovered the power of gratitude as a transformative tool.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 23 - The Anxious Entrepreneur: 4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Gratitude List

Cultivating a habit of gratitude has been one of the most significant changes in my journey with anxiety. By intentionally looking for things to be grateful for each day, I’ve found that my perspective shifted, and I began to appreciate the small moments and details that bring joy and change our attitudes.

What are the 4 reasons you should keep a gratitude list?

1. Reminders: We need these daily reminders of the gifts right in front of us. We get busy, skip the good and zoom in on what’s not going right, or we get so used to the good we take it for granted.

2. Perspective Change: Having a list written out that we can refer too, is also a gift. It can help shift your perspective when you are experiencing a frustrating day, and it feels like nothing is going right.

3. Reduce Anxiety: It can help you see past what is making you feel anxious and stressed.

4. Learn to Look For the Good: Once we decide to write out a daily list, you start the process of training your brain to look for small things and big things we can be grateful for.

Gratitude is a year round thing if we let it. If we pursue it. If we look for it. Marta Goertzen

So, how can you start incorporating gratitude into your daily life as an entrepreneur?

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast to hear four compelling reasons to keep a daily gratitude list. Discover some actionable steps you can take to cultivate a habit of gratitude and bring more joy and peace into your entrepreneurial journey.

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