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Ep. 20 – The Benefits of Keeping a Commonplace Journal for Your Business

Are you looking for a powerful tool to enhance your entrepreneurial journey and gain clarity in your business?

Look no further than the practice of commonplace journaling! In the latest episode of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, we’re diving into the benefits of keeping a commonplace journal for your business.

You might be wondering, what exactly is a commonplace journal? Well, it’s not your typical “dear diary” or “gratitude journal”. It’s a “thinking journal”, a place to collect and engage with interesting ideas, quotes, reflections, and notes that pertain to your business. Whether you’re jotting down ideas sparked by podcasts, taking notes during mastermind meetings, or capturing valuable insights from classes or courses, a commonplace journal provides a centralized location to organize and revisit this wealth of information.

Episode 20 of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - The Benefits of Keeping a Commonplace Journal for Your Business

So why should you consider adding commonplace journaling to your entrepreneurial toolkit? Here are a few key reasons:

1. Organize Your Ideas: As multi-passionate entrepreneurs, ideas flow abundantly. But keeping them all in your head can quickly become overwhelming. A commonplace journal helps you trap those ideas in a central location, allowing you to declutter your mind and focus on what matters most.

2. Reflect and Evaluate: By writing out your thoughts and reflections, you engage with the information on a deeper level. This process helps you to evaluate why certain ideas resonate with you, how you can apply them, and ultimately, how they can positively impact your business.

3. Foster Creative Connections: Writing out your thoughts and linking them to related concepts or quotes sparks new ideas and creative connections. It’s amazing how different sources of information can intertwine, leading to innovative solutions and inspiring new perspectives.

4. Improved Memory and Understanding: Writing by hand slows you down, allowing you to absorb and process information more effectively. Studies have shown that handwriting helps with memory retention and understanding, enabling you to engage with the information in a way that typing on a keyboard simply can’t replicate.

Ready to dive into the world of commonplace journaling and unlock its incredible benefits for your business? Tune in to Episode 20 of The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, titled “The Benefits of Keeping a Commonplace Journal for Your Business”. I’m sharing my personal experience with Commonplace Journaling and offering practical insights on how to make it work for you.

Remember, clarity and growth in your entrepreneurial journey aren’t instantaneous. They come through a deliberate process of discovery and learning. Let’s embark on this journey together and find the clarity you’ve been longing for, using journaling as a tool to use along the way.

Commonplace Journaling helps us pause and reflect on what we've learned, and not just consume information and jump for the next idea. ~Marta Goertzen, The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast

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