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Ep. 17 – Thoughts From the Trail: It’s Okay to Ask For What You Need

Do you need the reminder that it is OKAY to ask for what you need in your life and business?

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of strength and of courage.

Thoughts From the Trail is a new series on the podcast where I share what I’m thinking about while out on morning walks with my furry scallywags. 

Today, I’d like to tell you about a recent reminder I had about the power of asking for what we need and how it has transformed my morning walks.

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 17 - Thoughts From the Trail - It's Okay to Ask for What You Need

It’s a lesson I’ve been learning from my dog Oliver who is 16 ½ now and slowing down and can’t quite handle what we are all used to doing on our walks.

Throughout the episode, we’ll touch on the delicate balance between accommodating others and prioritizing ourselves. I’ll share about my experiences with clients, self-care, and the eye-opening moment when I realized that I can meet both my dog’s needs and my own.

So, how do we ask for what we need? Here are 3 steps to consider.

First: We are people pleasers and accommodators

While on our morning walk it came to mind that a lot of us as entrepreneurs, as women over 50, and as caregivers, we are people pleasers, and we’re accommodators. In many ways, that is what fuels our service, that helps us help our clients. It helps us take care of the people we needed to take care of

But, often it becomes a struggle between helping others and ignoring the impact it is having on our personal and professional lives.

When our people pleasing and accommodating comes at the expense of our health, physically, mentally, spiritually, then it’s time  to take a step back and figure out, is this really the right direction?

Second: Identify the issues accommodating and people pleasing is causing

Being a people pleaser and being an accommodator, can cause problems in our business. 

It can also cause problems:

  • As a caregiver 
  • In our own self care
  • In our energy levels and health issues

We need to identify the negative issues that are arising from you accommodating a client who’s being demanding and unreasonable. What is happening to your business when your caregiving is sucking so much life out of you that you don’t have nothing left for your business? What happens when you’re ignoring your self care and when you’re not monitoring your energy levels and that what you’re doing is actually causing flare ups of your health issues?

Neglecting self-care and prioritizing others above ourselves can lead to imbalances and negative consequences. We may experience burnout, health issues, and an overwhelming sense of being stretched too thin. 

Third:  What can you, and should you, change? 

Now that you have recognized your people pleasing tendency, and you have identified the negative, and positive, consequences of your behavior it’s time to evaluate what needs to change. 

In your business you need to ask yourself: 

  1. Is my business too complicated? 
  2. Do I need to simplify if my caregiving duties are taking more responsibility?
    If my health is having a setback, is my business too complicated in order to accommodate that, is that something I need to change?
  3. Do I need to simplify how I do business? Things like how many clients I can work with, the number of products and services I offer, and how I market my business.

Remember this too, it’s okay to ask for what you need from yourself.
Because a lot of times, YOU are the hardest person to convince.

Asking for what we need takes strength and courage. It’s not always easy, especially for women in caregiving roles. But by gradually taking steps to advocate for ourselves, we can eliminate unnecessary noise and foster personal growth. 

Remember, it’s crucial to assess the positive and negative aspects of being a people pleaser and accommodator. Let’s find ways to please others while still prioritizing ourselves. 

If you’d like to learn more grab a cup of tea or throw on your walking shoes, and listen to the full episode of Thoughts From the Trail: It’s Okay To Ask For What You need.

Asking for what you need takes courage. What do you need today? Marta Goertzen host of The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast

It’s time to embrace the power of asking for what you need in order to create a thriving and balanced life as an entrepreneur. 

Adventures with Oliver & Mochi:

Marta, Oliver & Mochi
Marta, Oliver & Mochi
Oliver and Mochi on the beach
Oliver & Mochi on the beach
Oliver and Mochi on a camp chair while camping
Oliver & Mochi on a camp chair while camping
Oliver and Mochi Sniffing & Smelling a Favorite Activity
Sniffing & Smelling a Favorite Activity
Oliver and Mochi on a Trail to the Beach
Oliver & Mochi on a Trail to the Beach
Oliver the "Tote Bag Dog"
Oliver the “Tote Bag Dog”

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