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Ep. 16 – The Commitment Audit: 3 Questions for Business Success

Today we are diving into a topic that has been on my mind lately: commitment to business success. 

This question about commitment has been brought to my attention by various mentors and in different contexts, forcing me to take a deep dive into my own level of dedication.

I’ve been asking myself some hard-hitting questions, such as: 

  1. How truly committed am I to my business success? 
  2. Are my beliefs aligning with my actions? 
  3. Am I actively pursuing business clarity as my company evolves? 
  4. And most importantly, am I committed to the priorities I’ve set for my business?
The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 16 - The Commitment Audit: 3 Questions for Business Success

It’s all too easy to set goals and then forget about them, or to lose sight of our priorities over time. I’ve experienced this firsthand, where I would set goals at the beginning of a quarter, only to completely forget about them as time went on. It’s a habit that I need to actively work on and improve. 

Forgetting or neglecting our goals is a clear indication that we are not truly committed to them, and this lack of commitment can have a significant impact on our businesses.

So, in this episode, we’re going to explore three ways to evaluate our commitment to our business success. 

But before we dive into the topic, let’s establish a common understanding of the word “commitment.”

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, commitment is defined as an agreement or a pledge to do something in the future. It’s a promise we make to ourselves and others. It also refers to the state of being emotionally impelled or driven forward. In other words, commitment involves a strong moral pressure that urges us to take action.

Now, armed with this definition, I want you to reflect on your own business priorities and goals. 

  • How committed are you to them? 
  • Do your daily, weekly, and monthly actions align with your stated priorities? 
  • And most importantly, what are your business results saying about your level of commitment?

To help you assess your commitment, we’ll explore three key areas: business habits, calendar management, and goal alignment. By asking ourselves the right questions and evaluating our current state, we can gain valuable insight into our level of dedication.

Businesses are built on your daily habits. What habits are building your business? -Marta Goertzen

So let’s dive in and discover just how committed we are to our business success.

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