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Did you know?

Did you know?

  • Aimee was very involved in Awana’s. She was always one of the best in everything. She memorized enough bible verses to always be one of the very top kids in every grade to win awards. She won free trips to Black Bear Camp in Washington. With the help of her dad and brother she would usually be one of the top winners in the derby car races. She had buttons all over her vest for memorizing bible verses. And if you completed all your work  for every grade at the end of i think the 6th grade,  you had a plaque with your name on it put up in the church foyer. They would put them in a row up next to the ceiling. It was quite an honor for only 1 or 2 kids made it a year.
  • Aimee went to Clackamas grade school K-2nd grade. Since she was home schooled she had extra time to spend on her favorite things. She loved reading and read around 10-15 books a month.
  • She had her own flower garden and some years her own herb garden. She would dry some of the herbs and make tea. She also had numerous books on flowers and plants.
  • She raised rabbits and sold them. She raised ducks entered them in Clackamas county fair and would win ribbons.
  • She had a vast stamp collection and would make note cards and sell them and give them for gifts.
  • She would make craft projects and sell her items door to door in the neighborhood. She would also sell them at a craft shop and craft fairs.
  • One summer Aimee and her friend Stephanie picked blackberries and sold them in the neighborhood.
  • She learned to crochet and embroider at an early age.
  • Lavender and roses have always been her two favorite flowers. We grew lavender and she would dry the flowers for bouquets and also for sachets. She would also dry rose petals for potpourri. She like to collect old things.

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