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From Confusion to Clarity

Are you ready to level up your online service business
but you feel stuck and you’re not sure why? 

Are frustrated that your business is running
you instead of you running your business?

You’ve bought the courses, joined the memberships, and downloaded the freebies. And you feel more confused than ever. You’re overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and conflicting advice you encounter every day. 

Analysis paralysis and decision fatigue have taken control, and you feel trapped in the business you started. 

You know it’s time to make changes – but what changes

The person you have become differs from the person who started your business years ago. You’ve grown as a business owner and in your skills and expertise. This growth has brought you into a different season of life, requiring you to approach your online business differently.

In talking with women just like you, I have found three primary reasons we feel stuck and confused about our businesses:

You’ve outgrown your business.

You started your business out of necessity or in pursuit of a dream. But now you feel trapped by what you created. It’s time to design, or redesign, a business that is aligned with your values and allows you to serve your clients without burning the candle at both ends.

You are listening to too many conflicting pieces of advice.

There is SO MUCH great information at our fingertips these days, so many options. You need to reduce the noise and get back to the core of who you are, who you are called to serve, and how you will serve them. 

You have made your business too complicated.

It’s so easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis, wondering what to change. You need clarity to give you the confidence to take the next step in building a simple and sustainable business.

These are all solvable. AND you have what it takes to build a business that works for you. 

In fact, I’m confident that you already know what you need to do, but it’s buried. We need to uncover it and help you remember. 

–> You are over with the wondering and guessing.
–> You are done feeling stuck.
–> You are ready to end the mental and emotional stress of planning, only to second-guess yourself a few minutes later (ask me how I know!).

It’s time to make changes and design a business that you look forward to each day. And become intentional and strategic in your business decisions. With clarity comes the confidence to run your business instead of your business running you.

Remember, you have already built a great business, so you know it’s possible.
Now you need a fresh perspective on how to make it work for you today, in your current season of life. 

You need someone to walk alongside you and guide you through the discovery process and guide you through all the questions, doubts, and lightbulb moments. 

A guide to help you grab onto and hold those lightbulb moments when they come. And even a gentle pushback now and then to get you back on track when you wander off the trail again. 

Shelby B. Ketchen, DBM

Shelby B. Ketchen, DBM

Marta has helped me to get the breakthrough I need to finally move my business forward!

As my business coach, she had me work through her Business Clarity Toolkit. Some of it was pretty easy and a lot of it was not! And it was worth every moment of the time that it took.

Marta was patient and supportive, asking questions that dug a level or two deeper as I began to get clarity.

And then the big breakthrough happened. On a call with a prospective client, I just had a crystal-clear certainty about who my ideal client is and is not and how I want to serve them.  I am certain that I’d never have gotten to that moment of clarity without all the work that we did together.

Self-doubt and second-guessing are holding you back from creating the simple and sustainable business you are longing for. 

With the “From Confusion to Clarity” business coaching program, you will have the support, tools, and resources you need to build a sustainable business. Without needing to burn the candle at both ends.

So how does this work?

Phase 1: Jumpstart Your Clarity Journey

  • I’ll send you some pre-work to prepare you for the journey ahead.
  • We jump on a 60-minute Zoom kickoff call and dive deep into where you are now. Together, we’ll create an action plan to help get the most out of your journey and uncover what you want to learn through this experience.’We jump on a 60-minute Zoom kickoff call and dive deep into where you are now. Together, we create an action plan to help get the most out of your journey and what you want to learn through this experience.

Phase 2: You Start Excavating & Uncovering… YOU!

  • You will have access to a series of guided workbooks and journaling exercises called the Business Clarity Toolkit. Created to help you get to the core of who you are today, the problems you solve, who you are called to serve, and a better understanding of your business personality type. 
  • You can submit each workbook through your private Voxer chat and I will review what you send, and give you personalized feedback and suggestions. Be prepared for some gentle pushback and asking you to dig in a little deeper from time to time.
  • We’ll jump back on another chat to answer your questions, give feedback, and dive deeper into any area that may need further clarification.
graphic of a hand drawn map

Phase 3: Create Your Business Clarity Map

  • Together, we’ll review what you have discovered, learned, and uncovered to fill out your Business Clarity Map.’Together, we review what you have discovered, learned, and uncovered to fill out your Business Clarity Map.
  • Your clarity map is your inspiration, your reminder when you feel off track, and a filter to help you make intentional and strategic business decisions.
  • We’ll jump back on Zoom for a wrap-up call, look at your next steps, and celebrate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned.

Clarity comes through taking action, not by consuming more information and thinking about making changes.

  • Clarity Builds Confidence: Clarity about your business gives you the confidence to change your business.
  • Confidence Leads to Simplicity: Confidence gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to simplify your business. 
  • Simple is Sustainable: A simplified business makes it much easier to build a sustainable, legacy-building business that you can steward well. Without needing to burn the candles at both ends.

Hi, I’m Marta Goertzen, and I’m a business coach.

Picture of Marta holding her 2 dogs on her lap seated on a fallen log

Gotta admit that sounds strange to say. Let me explain. 

Over the years, clients and coaches have asked me, “What about coaching?” My immediate answer was no! I have no interest and that’s not a role I want to take on. I’m a website designer and consultant. Never say never, right?

A few years ago, I began my journey from confusion to clarity. During that journey, I slowly realized I was a business coach. And not only that, I realized that I’ve been coaching my website clients, friends, and peers for years! I finally discovered who I wanted to be when I grew up.

So back in 2021, I started my Selah Society Mastermind and a whole new coaching world opened up. My love of coaching only grew from there.

Now I get to help women just like you through the same journey I took to find the clarity and confidence I needed to build an aligned and sustainable business.

As your Business Clarity Coach, my job is to walk alongside and help you as you go through this discovery process. I love asking questions and having deep-dive discussions about you, your business, and your business dreams and goals. 

From Confusion to Clarity is not a cookie-cutter approach to building your business.

From Confusion to Clarity is not a cookie-cutter approach to building your business.

This is not about handing you a step-by-step system to business building.
You’ve already been there and done that.

It is, however, a personalized and unique journey to discovering how to
create a sustainable business that you enjoy and can steward well. 

Here’s what a few of my coaching clients have to say…

Sharilee Swaity

Thank you so much for your insight and coaching and help the last couple of days, too. I have a vision now, something I’ve been trying to put together for a long, long time. Praise God!”
~Sharilee Swaity

“Marta has the most amazing insight into business, and has helped me see things with a different perspective. She has always seen the possibilities and potential with my business, and has the heart to thoughtfully walk the journey with me.

If you feel stuck in your business,
Marta is an exceptional resource to help
you begin moving forward again!”
~Niki Banning,

Who is From Confusion to Clarity Best For?

  • Someone ready to commit for 6 weeks. This isn’t a quick fix. I’m going to lead you through some heart-based realizations, along with practical implementation strategies.
  • The woman who’s been faithfully serving their clients for at least two years.
  • The entrepreneur who is ready to think strategically and intentionally about how they spend their time and how they do business.
  • The business owner who is ready for a gentler approach to running an online service-based business without needing to burn the candle at both ends.

You aren’t the same person you were when you started your business:

  • You have grown and changed as a business owner and service provider.
  • You have up-leveled your skills, learned a few new ones along the way, and collected hours upon hours of valuable experience.
  • You have a better understanding of who you like to work with and the type of work you like to do.

You have learned so much since you first started your business, but, your business hasn’t kept up. 

In our time together you will have a partner who is ready to reflect and plan with you as you

  • Examine your business and get honest about what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to change.
  • Begin to see the potential of what your business could be like with a few strategic changes.
  • Do the work of gathering the information needed to create your own personalized Business Clarity Map. 

Your Business Clarity Map will become an invaluable tool to help you create your marketing plans, design new services, and help you fight those Bright Shiny Objects that appear when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

Your Business Clarity Map will also help you: 

  • Stop the spaghetti approach of “throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks”.
  • Cut through the noise of your inbox and start unsubscribing from anything that is distracting you.
  • Confidently make strategic decisions about your business.
  • Get back on track faster when Bright Shiny Objects grab your attention and take you down yet another rabbit hole!

Are you ready for your business clarity breakthrough?

The 6-Week “From Confusion to Clarity” Business Coaching Program Includes: 

  • (3) 1-hour Zoom Calls (value of $450)
  • The Business Clarity Toolkit (value of $197)
  • Access to a private Voxer chat to submit your workbooks for personalized review and feedback and support between calls… (with few healthy boundaries, of course!) (value of $675)
  • Your 1-Page Business Clarity Map (priceless!)
  • PLUS FREE Access to Selah Society Client Community (value of $200)

Total Program Value: $1522

But for a VERY limited time,
you can move
From Confusion to Clarity
for only $697 (or 2 payments of $370)

There are only 4 coaching spots available at this introductory price so save your spot by registering below and

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