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Clarity and Community Are Key to the Success of Your Business

I’ve called my 16 years in business an intense Personal Development Program. It has grown me and stretched me and forced me out of my comfort zone more than anything else I’ve done. It’s also made me completely and utterly unemployable.

I’d like to share how having community support and finding clarity have been keys to my growth as a business owner.

Keys to Growing a Successful & Sustainable Business

We all want to be successful in running and operating our businesses. But all too often, we struggle with finding that success.

For me, the struggle often comes from the noise of conflicting opinions from the “experts” and from my loud social media feeds. It also comes from a sense of isolation and a lack of connection with other entrepreneurs.

community and clarity are key to your business success

In the over-connected world in which we live, a lot of us feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before. When you layer on running a business from home, the isolation can feel even more intense and eventually can erode your confidence.

There are a lot of courses and training I’ve purchased over the years that have helped improve my skills and grow my business. But, the primary catalyst of my growth as a business owner has always come from being plugged into a community where I could learn from others and use my experience and knowledge to help them in return.

“Isolation is the dream killer.”

~Barbara Sher

The Importance of Community For the Home-Based Entrepreneur

Having your own business is fun, but it can also make you want to tear your hair out. There are days you revel in the freedom and flexibility it can give you and other days you feel trapped by it. 

It’s often hard to explain your day, your work, and your exasperated ready-to-throw-in-the-towel moments with friends and family. But, when you get together with another entrepreneur who understands those moments, suddenly you have empathy, understanding, and possibly even some tips and ideas that could help you. 

Being an entrepreneur was something I dreamed about for a long time, and I love it. Most of the time ;). While I score high on the introvert scale, there are days I need community and connection.

In the beginning years of my business, I longed for and searched for business groups I could connect with, grow with, and with whom I could have meaningful conversations.

My search led me to some amazing groups and introduced me to coaches and other business owners who have made a significant impact on me and in growing my business.

These groups and connections have played such an important role in my business that the dream of creating my own groups grew. After several failed attempts, I’ve now been able to create what I longed for back in the early years of my business.

Without community support, it’s easy to lose confidence in yourself and in your decision-making skills. It can lead to decision fatigue, which can, and often does, slow your business growth. 

Being connected in the right community can give you: 

  1. A place to talk shop with others who get it
  2. A place to get feedback on your business, ideas, and plans
  3. Motivation and encouragement to keep going on hard days
  4. A place to find your voice and start sharing your opinion safely
  5. Give you confidence that you can do this thing called business

Clarity Grows Your Business

Another key to growth in my personal and business life has been clarity. 

Clarity is a wonderful, sometimes fleeting thing. You can feel clear and confident one day and doubt yourself the next. Having a safe place to share those doubts is an amazing gift. 

Clarity comes through:

  1. Asking questions that you may have to dig deep to answer
  2. Seeking wisdom and advice from trusted advisors
  3. Taking action, assessing the results, and making changes as you learn more
  4. Taking risks and finding what works, what doesn’t, what you like, and what you don’t
  5. Spending time in prayer and reflection

“Clarity comes through action, not thought.”

Having clarity about who I am today as a business owner has:

  • Helped me make bigger and bolder decisions that have led to growth in ways that I could never have imagined
  • Given me a filter to use in my decision-making process
  • Helped me identify and say yes to opportunities to invest in my business

When you put community and clarity together, you’ve got two important keys to building a successful and sustainable business.

What About You?

Do you have the community and clarity in your business you are looking for?

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