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Managing Stress & Anxiety

How Beauty, the Outdoors, & Your Environment Affect You |

“Where you do what you do matters.” ~Bob Goff The first time I heard this quote was at Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference. It was something that his friend and author, Bob Goff, had said to him. It’s one of those quotes that sits with you for awhile as you work on understanding the meaning. Since […]

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The Lies & Addiction of Busyness affects our physical and mental health, here is a way to fight back! |

Would it surprise you to know that busy does not equal productive, useful or effective? A busy lifestyle is something the “modern” world has taught us is normal. Normal does not necessarily mean fun, healthy, or productive. For many of us, it means, health issues, physical and mental exhaustion, and constant overwhelm. As a kid,

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Finding Stillness With Music, how does music influence you? |

Music has always been in my life. From my earliest memories, music was always present. My Mom sang with a trio that performed not only in our church but traveled to other churches and events to sing. Over the years my Dad has been music teacher, choir director, singer, piano player, guitar player, banjo player

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Personal Retreats for Rest & Renewal |

My Retreat Center Dreams I LOVE, the idea of personal retreats. It’s not uncommon for the desire to get “outta dodge” and change the view outside my window to arise after a busy day. The idea of a retreat center has been hanging around in the back of my mind for years. I dream about

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When is the last time you took a self-care day? |

It’s been a busy week and you are about done in. With everything. If you have to rush to the next item on your to-do list, you just might scream. Not pretty and certainly not fun. So what to do? It might be time for a Self-Care Day. Why Should You Take A Self-Care Day?

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