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Managing Stress & Anxiety

Finding stilliness in the midst of the messiness of life

It’s not uncommon to have seasons of life where we want to run away from home and find a nice quiet place to hermitize and escape from the “out of controllness” of life, the “unknowness,” and the frustration over the lack of clear direction. My family has heard me say more than once, “I’m ready […]

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Anxiety and the Caregiver: 7 ideas to help relieve stress and anxiety |

For the caregiver, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress is not uncommon. When not dealt with and addressed, these seemingly minor issues can grow and turn into major health and emotional problems. Recently, I ended up visiting my doctor about some concerns over some health issues that were becoming more than minor irritations. I was sure that

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There is so much negativity in the world, stress in our daily lives, and general craziness it is easy to stop looking for the little moments. So this post is just a reminder to take the time to find moments of beauty every day. These are from a trip to a cool place, “The Heirloom

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