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Managing Stress & Anxiety


Years ago, I had a fun side-hustle. I made soaps, lotions, and other fun bath and body products. Actually, it’s more accurate to call it an expensive hobby. There were several things I loved about that side hustle. A love of research and development. Finding the raw materials and packing supplies I needed. Learning about […]

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The Continuing Journey of Cultivating Gratitude |

The idea of giving thanks or being grateful usually becomes a hot topic in the fall as we approach Thanksgiving both here in the States and Canada. But what about the other months of the year? Shouldn’t we also be cultivating an attitude of gratitude all the time? Admittedly, there are seasons of life when

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3 Lessons my Garden is Teaching Me |

With the help of my family, I was able to find and move into a new home last fall. To say it has been an experience is an understatement! I knew fairly quickly that I wanted a garden of my own. So, in late spring, I did it! I built and planted a small garden.

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Creating A Practice of Finding Stillness

Recently I watched a video training course on productivity for creatives. About halfway through the course, it struck me; the instructor was teaching about developing a practice of creativity. Understanding this got me thinking of what other areas of life where this idea might apply. The first thing to come to mind was practicing finding

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Welcome 2017! 2016, you were an interesting year. Parts were good, bad, odd, funny, and scary. But isn’t that often how every year goes? A bit of everything mixed in to varying degrees? As I move back into a regular blogging schedule I’ve decided to ease back in gently and share with you a rare

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