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Finding Stillness

The Continuing Journey of Cultivating Gratitude |

The idea of giving thanks or being grateful usually becomes a hot topic in the fall as we approach Thanksgiving both here in the States and Canada. But what about the other months of the year? Shouldn’t we also be cultivating an attitude of gratitude all the time? Admittedly, there are seasons of life when …

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Finding stilliness in the midst of the messiness of life

It’s not uncommon to have seasons of life where we want to run away from home and find a nice quiet place to hermitize and escape from the “out of controllness” of life, the “unknowness,” and the frustration over the lack of clear direction. My family has heard me say more than once, “I’m ready …

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Anxiety and the Caregiver: 7 ideas to help relieve stress and anxiety |

For the caregiver, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress is not uncommon. When not dealt with and addressed, these seemingly minor issues can grow and turn into major health and emotional problems. Recently, I ended up visiting my doctor about some concerns over some health issues that were becoming more than minor irritations. I was sure that …

Anxiety and the Caregiver: 7 Ideas to help relieve stress and anxiety Read More »

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