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Years ago, I had a fun side-hustle. I made soaps, lotions, and other fun bath and body products. Actually, it’s more accurate to call it an expensive hobby. There were several things I loved about that side hustle. A love of research and development. Finding the raw materials and packing supplies I needed. Learning about …

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Finding Stillness & Finding Your Happy Place

Living along the Oregon Coast these past years has deepened my love of the ocean. The sounds of crashing waves, the salty sea air, the long walks on deserted stretches of sand, collecting shells, and enjoying the quiet. The beach has become one of my favorite happy places. It has become a healing balm. It …

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Personal Retreats for Rest & Renewal |

My Retreat Center Dreams I LOVE, the idea of personal retreats. It’s not uncommon for the desire to get “outta dodge” and change the view outside my window to arise after a busy day. The idea of a retreat center has been hanging around in the back of my mind for years. I dream about …

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