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When Resting Feels Lazy

We’ve just wrapped up summer, September is here, and kids are back in school. This time of year feels like a freight train picking up speed as we start hurtling toward the holiday season. As the pace picks up, finding time to rest only gets harder. When we do find some time, we feel lazy […]

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A new series: "What I'm learning about rest - Part 1: Pacing Your Activity" - Learning to not overdo it, rest, and heal.

Have you run into those oh so helpful articles or blog posts that give you wonderful tips like “reduce stress,” “eat healthier,” or “take time to rest”? Yep, me too, and I’ve been guilty of that myself here on the blog from time to time. Well, with this new blog series on “What I’m learning

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Creating A Practice of Finding Stillness

Recently I watched a video training course on productivity for creatives. About halfway through the course, it struck me; the instructor was teaching about developing a practice of creativity. Understanding this got me thinking of what other areas of life where this idea might apply. The first thing to come to mind was practicing finding

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